Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stomp Em Flat...

So i have been off the radar for quite some time I apologize for that, I have been busy at work keeping the girlfriend happy and toiling at work. Always a lethal combination when it comes to anything hobby related as both activities require time and attention.

Through peer pressure Cash has managed to sign me up for the Apocalypse League for the Game Room store, it is a 5k running league with a few additions/changes posted on his site. I immediately called for help from my group to pony up some ork models for me to field enough things for the games. Amazingly I found out between my personal collection of orks and what i have borrowed that i have more than enough to make quite a few different army lists.

I played a practice game against Mike our resident Imperial Guard player in a test game. Our group is still pretty new to this 5th edition thing so the game went a little slower than usual games. Still the game was GREAT fun, we played outside on a sunny Saturday afternoon while drinking beer and BBQ'ing... Can it really get any better?

The lists (roughly):

Mine (Orks)
Big Mek x7, assorted gear including 3 Kustom Force Fields, 2 Shokk Attack Guns and 2 with just Burnas
Warboss w/ combi skorcha and power klaw
Wyrdboy Warpheads x2

Killa Kan x9 w/ assorted gear
Looted Wagon x2 w/ boom guns
Battle Wagon x2
Lootas 10 x 2
Boyz Mob 25 x 5-6
Tankbustas x9
Grots 2 x 20
Mega Armored Nobs x9
Big Mek Stompa

Mike (Imperial Guard)
Command HQ
Independent Commissar x3
Calidus Assassin

Conscript Platoon 50 x2
Guard Platoon x2 with 5 squads each and 3 heavy weapon squads each.
Stormtroops 10 x 2
Leman Russ x4
Veterans 10 x 2
Penal Legion

Sentinels x3
Leman Russ Demolisher x2
Basilisk x3
Colossus x2

Here are a few pics with a small description of what was going on...

Here we have deployment where i bid the max time thinking for some odd reason that i would need it. Well i was sorely wrong and mike pummeled my stompa leaving it with a single structure point.. he also left huge gaps in my infantry by firing multiple blasts from leman russes and basilisks.

Here you can see some neat holes punched through a mob of grots near the front of my line. Along with a nice template outline on a mob of boys on the right flank.. damn artillery.

The general orky advance! forward! I must say that the Lifta Droppa that the Stompa is armed with.. pure fun! Nothing like lifting tanks into the air and tossing them about causing havoc on everything!

About a turn later a bunch of holes are starting to form in the guard lines, mainly from a few moved infantry lines.. Guard advancing? well some of them!

Some very clear damage among both lines the destroyed husks of leman russ tanks shows that the right flank is definitely in peril to fall.

The last turn was pretty much a mop up operation for my orks i stopped moving some of my infantry as i was eating while playing. I'll admit i was a lazy son of a bitch as the battle drew to a close.

Last picture of the battle, the Imperial Guard casualty pile. These boys won't be returning home in anything but a wooden suit case. The group tried to guess how many casualties in total the game would reach. With about 400-500 infantry models being the result. Some of the highlights in the the game were two Killa Kans charging a conscript squad killing about 2-3 of them while the Commissar uses a powerfist to blow a Kan apart killing 21 conscripts... yup! Also despite the fire that Mike poured into the Stompa the first turn I thought it would surely fall the second turn.. This was not to be as Mike continued to pour fire into it and could do nothing but fail to roll the 5 or 6 needed to destroy it.