Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stormblades, Libra Sensei

Though I promised a tournament report last week a funny thing happened, I decided to go out drinking the night before celebrating who knows what and totally missed my tournament. Though I believe my chances in the tournament would of been as good as running the four minute mile on time... I still wanted to go guess I will have to wait till next time.

On the bright side of things I have been busy washing, assembling, priming and painting quite a few miniatures. Though the weather has been thwarting my attempts at a good priming for the most part I have a good handful to tide me over.

Here is Stormblades, another Ulthar for my Pulp City villain team in time for the Gen Con tournament. Following the same formula i did for my other Ulthars on the team he painted up rather quickly.

My next update should have a few pictures of my Guild crew for the skirmish game Malifaux. Though I have some new models I am working on for that game I have a bunch that need to be stripped and painted for the tournament on June 11th. Till then viewers!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gemini X

Onto my second work in progress I have on the painting table I present Gemini X, another villain from Pulp City line. The miniature despite being relatively small had some nice detail work on it. I have four more miniatures that need to be done in to fill out my Ulthar team for the Pulp City tournament at Gen Con. All I need now is some green flock, add some static grass and a few touch ups and I think the miniatures will be just great!

I have a few other projects on the painting table this week including a few Dark Age miniatures I hope to be posting sometime this week. I also have A Game of Thrones LCG Regionals this weekend, which I believe will be tough. Mainly because I do not have many cards for the game so it will definitely be an uphill battle, but as always it will be an experience worth writing about.. i hope.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain

Finally fulfilling my pledge of posting more pictures of my work even if it is a work in progress here is Gorgoroth. The miniature is from Pulp City it is one of their Villains from the Ulthar faction. Though there is still some work to go along with basing/flocking the model looks just about right I would like to believe.

On my painting table I have a few other Ulthars that I am preparing to paint for the Pulp City tournament at Gen Con. As is my personal tradition whenever I attend a tournament (for skirmish games) I like to paint up new miniatures or play something different. It helps motivate me paint the pile of miniatures I have laying around the house and it changes up my play style slightly.

With that being said I have more than my fair share of miniatures to keep me busy, I hope I can get everything finished. Usually i'm still up late painting miniatures for the next day's tournament, I vowed this year to be different so I can actually go out and explore Indianapolis during the night! Till next time readers!