Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Coven of Devious Intent (Mordheim)

Leader of the expedition is Fabian is magister of the "Coven of Devious Intent" sent to Mordheim by the request of his patron to search for items of power. Though he is not a full practitioner of the dark arts " " has learned how to call upon the glory of Slannesh to bless one of his warriors by mutating their body instantly.

Fabian, Master of Rituals
Magister with spear and "eye of god" spell

Once a pit fighter who brought hundreds of adoring fans to their knees with his artful skill with his mace. He was sold when his master fell upon bad times, dissatisfied when robbed of his former glories Gregol escaped bondage and came across the cult of pleasure. Instantly seduced by the promise of glory and other sinful delights, Gregol quickly earned the favor of the dark prince who blessed him with various mutations including a tentacle like arm.

Mutant with mace and tentacle mutation

The Masques of Delight as they are known are true devotees of the prince of pleasure, relishing every sensation of combat as they battle foes that would be even those with the stoutest of heart tremble to face. Though some may balk at their gaudy costumes and their apparent lack of skill with their weaponry none can doubt their devotion in protecting their charge.

The Masques of Delight
Dark Souls with axe x2

Drawn into the cult of pleasure with dreams of great fame and glory these low born peasants follow Fabian into the very depths of the city of the damned. Armed with bows and not much else these brethren are on their road to damnation.

Initiates of Bliss
Brethren with bow x3

Attracted by the lure of rape and pillage this trio of beastmen have signed dark blood pacts with Fabian. Mutated by the powers of chaos these beasts usually wear a hood to hide their identity when traveling through the streets of Mordheim to not raise any suspicions. Too late many an opponent has confused their unnatural constitution as an elaborate costume.

Rapturous Beasts
Beastmen with mace x3

Gold Crowns: 13
Equipment: None

This is my list for an upcoming Mordheim campaign that we are planning to run at the local store. I'm taking a big gamble on my henchmen hoping that either a beastman or dark soul can roll up "Lads got talent" result for experience making one VERY talented hero.

I am using a mix of random bits and Brettonian miniatures to make my warband as it will be the precursor to my Slannesh themed Brettonian army. After all Brettonians have so much pride and appreciation of the arts I don't see why an errant lord would not be seduced by Slannesh. There are still a few things I have to work out story wise but that is the basic groundwork.

* Since I already have everything just about converted I should be posting a few pictures by the days end in which case this post will be edited. Till then!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tentative Gen Con Schedule!

2-3pm: Firestorm: Invasion (NMN1013519)
4-6pm: Foam Fighting Tournament (ZED1009018)
7-11pm: Injurius Games Tournament Qualifier (NMN1012441)


10-11am: Strange Aeons Intro (NMN1011015)
12-2pm: Morton's List: Let the Boulders Hit the Floor (ZED1013584)
2-3pm: Hell Dorado Intro (NMN1011020)
5-8pm: MERCS (NMN1007943)
8-9pm: Zombie Walk (ZED1008738)
9-10pm: Leviathans Demo (NMN1012253)

10am-2pm: AE WWII Campaign (NMN1011355)
2pm-6pm: Pulp City Tournament (NMN1010530)
7-11pm: Injurius Games Tournament Final (NMN1012625)

10am-130pm: Paranoia: Botapocalpse (RPG1010204)

Not much of an update really but thought I should post this just in case anyone else is going to the same events. If you do not know what Gen Con is you should take a look, it is one of the biggest gaming conventions in the US. Sporting just about every walk of game out there (miniature, card, role playing etc) as well as a dealers hall that is the size of a small village it is an annual tradition in our group.

Every year I set goals to play in certain games and due to time restraints or other distraction I miss out. This year I promised I would be diverse in what I do, enter foam weapon fighting, dressing up like a zombie, playing in an rpg and finally finding out what all this talk of "Morton's List" is all about.

Rest assured that I have not spent my time idly between painting the space wolves ever so slowly and moving my other projects along I actually have quite a few things to post up in the blog. With that said expect pictures of various unrelated projects before the month's end.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Might of the Wolves!

Here is my typical 1850 list, I haven't made many modifications if any to this list because it seems to work well regardless of my opponent. Having about 10 games with the list everything works the way I thought it would. I am still on the fence about keeping runic armor on my Wolf Priests but other than that not sure what else I would change.

Edrigar (Rune Priest) w/ terminator armor
Agnar (Wolf Priest) w/ runic armor, jump pack and melta bombs
Gudrun (Wolf Priest) w/ runic armor

Wolf Priests are really indispensable with their "Oath of War" ability giving them "preferred enemy" they can usually decimate most things one the charge. Making the squad they are joined with fearless also has great benefit by taking away the worry that even with high leadership I don't have to test for casualties.

The Rune Priest usually takes "Murderous Hurricane" and "Living Lightning" even against MEQs hurricane works wonders thanks to the dangerous terrain tests. Mind you the power doesn't say it has to wound anyone in order to take effect. Lightning is used to add some range to the wolves and pick on light tanks

Grey Hunters x10 w/ flamer x2, berzerker (mark of the wulfen) and wold standard
led by Wolf Guard w/ frost blade
supported by Razorback w/ twin linked lascannons

Grey Hunters x10 w/ melta gun x2
led by Wolf Guard w/ storm bolter and thunder hammer
supported by Razorback w/ twin linked lascannons

Grey Hunters x10 w/ plasma gun x2 and plasma pistol
led by Wolf Guard w/ plasma pistol and power weapon
supported by Razorback w/ twin linked lascannons

The bread and butter of my forces the thirty Grey Hunters are actually quite useful, especially now that they carry just about every tool for the job. Thanks to the "counter attack" special rule I can sit tight and rapid fire my bolters then wait for the charge to switch to pistols and close combat weapons.

Razorbacks provide the army with some long range AT fire, they are constantly moving about getting better angles at enemy vehicles. All else fails I have them gun it to an objective to contest.

Bloodclaws with Jump Packs w/ flamer
led by Wolf Guard w/ storm bolter, powerfist and jump pack

At the forefront of every battle are my Blood Claws led by one of the Wolf Priests, I have to say this unit never fails to make some sort of impact on the game on way or another. I already have tall tales of their insane acts of bravery, including a game where after eliminating a squad of enemies the whole enemy line fired at them causing near to 20-30 odd some wounds only killing 1-2 Blood Claws! They seem to shrug off an extraordinary amount of small arms fire.

Wolf Scouts x6 w/ plasma pistol x2 and melta gun
led by Wolf Guard w/ combi-melta

The scouts always do their duty show up mess up someones shiny tank and leave the field. No really after they are done knocking out a tank they usually launch an assault soon after cause a few casualties and run away. I have to start assuming that it is all part of their plan...

Long Fangs x6 w/ missile launcher x5
led by Wolf Guard w/ terminator armor and cyclone missile launcher

Nothing says loving like 7 missiles to a tank or squad, no need for subtlety just put the Long Fangs in a good fire position and let loose. Even if I have to move around the Wolf Guard's cyclone missile launcher can still fire!