Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tentative Gen Con Schedule!

2-3pm: Firestorm: Invasion (NMN1013519)
4-6pm: Foam Fighting Tournament (ZED1009018)
7-11pm: Injurius Games Tournament Qualifier (NMN1012441)


10-11am: Strange Aeons Intro (NMN1011015)
12-2pm: Morton's List: Let the Boulders Hit the Floor (ZED1013584)
2-3pm: Hell Dorado Intro (NMN1011020)
5-8pm: MERCS (NMN1007943)
8-9pm: Zombie Walk (ZED1008738)
9-10pm: Leviathans Demo (NMN1012253)

10am-2pm: AE WWII Campaign (NMN1011355)
2pm-6pm: Pulp City Tournament (NMN1010530)
7-11pm: Injurius Games Tournament Final (NMN1012625)

10am-130pm: Paranoia: Botapocalpse (RPG1010204)

Not much of an update really but thought I should post this just in case anyone else is going to the same events. If you do not know what Gen Con is you should take a look, it is one of the biggest gaming conventions in the US. Sporting just about every walk of game out there (miniature, card, role playing etc) as well as a dealers hall that is the size of a small village it is an annual tradition in our group.

Every year I set goals to play in certain games and due to time restraints or other distraction I miss out. This year I promised I would be diverse in what I do, enter foam weapon fighting, dressing up like a zombie, playing in an rpg and finally finding out what all this talk of "Morton's List" is all about.

Rest assured that I have not spent my time idly between painting the space wolves ever so slowly and moving my other projects along I actually have quite a few things to post up in the blog. With that said expect pictures of various unrelated projects before the month's end.

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