Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reinforcements have arrived! ... sort of?

So about two months back I made a sizable order of WWII German Infantry to use in my Weird War II games. Despite having a bad reputation I still ordered from Black Tree Designs, 50% off just about everything in their online store made it far too tempting so I gave in.

The first couple of weeks I sent an email but no miniatures came, so I took the advice someone posted on TMP forum and wrote on their website asking about my order. Well in no time they sent about a third of the order. I waited another week and a half then I wrote again soon after I received everything minus four miniatures (infantry character models).

The miniatures themselves are of excellent quality and look better in person than they do on the site. They are about the same scale as my other Weird War stuff, alternatively because I have so many of them they can create their own battle groups (for skirmish games).

I'm still on the fence about about converting the miniatures or not, part of me might want to use the miniatures in a historical scene. But I do have some Pig Iron heads that would look quite good on them.. hmm decisions.. Update soonish