Monday, August 31, 2009

Shoot first leave the paper work for later..

I started to work on the AE Bounty figures that I bought at Gen Con this year, they are quite nice figures. They have this pulpy retro sci-fi look to them which are a blast to paint, one of the first miniatures that I worked on was the "Graffi". Now I based my purchases on a fully ready to play crew BUT I do not remember any of the rules I just know once the rules get released I will have a ready crew to game with.

Before I started work on this miniature something in my mind screamed "Cop" to me I took it a step further and created a small back story for this miniature and how he came under the employ of the "Red City Raiders" my Bounty Crew. I thought to myself corruption cannot just be a human trait especially to one in power, why not also aliens? After all life is so much easier when you can cut through all the red tape and not have to be arrested for "ashing" a target and the such.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Secrets of the SS

This is my mini write up of the Competitive Campaign Darkson Designs held for AE WWII at Gen Con Indy 09.

My List: SS
-Scutzkommando Hero (Natural Leader) with Teutonic Blade (gains lethal), Magical Item that stops Berzerk and Ring that gives +1 Wound.
-Krieg Hexe with Blur (-2 to hit, +2 versus suppression checks) and Second Sight (model within 12" is granted re-roll next turn).
-Vril Engineer with Rune of Tyr (12" one model gains an AP) and Lyr (12" one model's weapon gets +1 to strength and to hit).
-Waffen SS with StG 45s
-Sharfuhrer with StG 45
-Waffen Sniper with WA46

It should be noted that my list was some what erratic due to going to Gen Con with the intention of trying out units I never played with. I specifically converted some units (Krieghexe, Hellhost and Vril Engineer) knowing that they would be in the book but having no clue how useful they would be.

Game 1: Aaron
-OSS Sapper Hero
-Airborne Officer Hero
-Airborne Squad
-Airborne Squad
-Airborne Squad with BAR
-Airborne Heavy Weapon Team with Browning

The Straggler special order was ever popular knocking my Kommando into reserves, letting Aaron easily win the intiative. After he placed his OSS agent right behind my Sniper and Vril Engineer hunkering down near some sandbag cover. Initially we messed up the rules on demo charges which led to the OSS agent being removed and put back on the table. I didn't mind as I barely read OTW unless I take it in my list, regardless I managed to roll a 1 for my Kommando to come in the second turn. Who promptly walked up to the OSS agent and gunned him down before any more of this Demo Charge Madness.

While the Hellhost (with second sight) absorbed Aaron's attention and firepower my sniper was busy plinking off a guy every turn. He even managed to take care of two airborne that rushed to his cover intent on putting an end to his bloody reign. By the end of the game only the browning armed Airborne was left on the table and he was about to rout as soon as he was activated. I rushed my Vril Engineer across an open field to achieve my secondary, denied my opponent getting into no mans land (achieving primary) and also got the attrition rate going for me. So full points to meI have to admit that Aaron did give me quite a scare with his OSS sapper who if he took out my sniper it would of been a different game.

Game 2: Maurice
Soviet Reconnaissance Detachment
Veteran Psi Officer
Veteran Cossack Uryandnik (War Hero)
Regular AT-Rifle
Regular Soviet Guard
Regular Starshina (Criminal)
Green Chumans
Green (sacrificed for 2nd hero)
Green Criminals (free w/ Criminal hero)
Jeep w/ heavy MG

When I first looked at Maurice's list I was scared of his jeep but I should of been MORE scared of his Cossack Hero. The terrain meant that I knew from the start that the primary objective would be tied.. or at least I was hoping. Maurice advanced with his chumans heading for the temple (the primary) and hiding there behind cover. On my left his criminals and Starshina took cover in some rubble throwing random pot shots my direction. On the right his jeep and War Hero advanced, for some reason Maurice didn't quite advance his jeep that far into the flank. I thought he would swing through the right and essentially ignore all the cover my SS were gaining.

The War Hero after being gravely wounded by my Waffen and Sniper charged across teh field taking care of the soldiers and being tied up in combat with the Krieghexe. I sent the Hellhost in to assist believing it would be a short affair. Boy was I wrong the Hellhost and war hero took various turns trying to kill each other while the battle raged around them.

The Sniper as always did his job pinning everything he could see from the Criminals with attached Starshina on my left, what I could see in the center of the ruins (where the Psi Officer died) to the right flank the jeep did not advance. A thing of beauty I might add. Despite that I was still losing there wasn't a doubt in my mind as anyone not in cover would have criminals and a starshina plinking into them. Also despite the Jeep staying out of line of sight of my sniper he made sure to have visual access to the rest of my army.

When all hope seemed lost the Hellhost won the ONLY round of combat against the War Hero it should be noted the War Hero won EVERY round of combat he just couldn't kill the Hellhost.. and it proved fatal to the War Hero. The Hellhost then proceeded to walk up to the temple and contest the primary objective despite all odds.

Game 3: Scott
-Airborne Hero (natural leader)
-Airborne Weapon Team with Flamethrower
-Airborne with BAR
-GI Squad
-GI Squad
-Jeep with Browning
-Jeep with Browning

At first like everyone of the Axis players I feared the double jeeps but with German determination I was determined to take a few out with me. Scott deployed a Jeep on each side with most of his infantry supporting the left flank (one GI unit went with the rightmost jeep). I deployed centrally around the bunker not sure why I didn't just sit in the bunker and wait for him to come close but then again i've never really been a defensive player..

The game was quite short in as much as when I needed my Sniper the most he had failed me, even needing 3+'s to hit in long range I managed to miss! When I did manage to hit Scott trumped my rolls by rolling exactly what he needed a 6. I guess my sniper felt he did enough the lat two games. Attempting to wrestle the initiative from Scott a made a few mistakes, I probably could of retreated my forces into the bunker and waited for Scott to come and dig me out. But by then it was too late and the Sniper despite his best efforts was the last to die giving Scott the win.

Now some people were not fond of his two Jeep list but I thought had I managed to hit more with the sniper Scott would of been in a sort of pickle. Had I managed to kill off both the Jeep gunners (I did tag one.. eventually). Scott would have had to advance towards a bunker to achieve his primary objective. Not exactly a peachy prospect as it was at least two or more activations of no mans land before the can deny the armor bonus to my troops.

After thoughts:
I had great fun at the tournament many thanks for the Darkson crew putting together an inventive way to play a tournament without all the stress or wacky missions. My only suggestion might be moving it to friday? Possibly next year due to saturday being such a high traffic day I think it would have an even higher turn out. I know my two friends were itching to play but had schedule conflicts.

Thanks to everyone who played I can't wait to see what kind of lists next year will bring to the table. I know that I will bring something different as I always do a new army for every tournament I go to in order to keep things fresh and interesting. Hopefully we also get more board members next year it was good to put names to faces!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Road to Gen Con..

The time is almost here for the biggest Gaming Convention in the USA.. GEN CON Indiana! It has been the continued mecca for gamers from all over the states just pick your poison. Cards Games? Board Games? Role Playing? Live Action Role Playing? Miniature Games? Video/Computer Games? Yup it has all that and so much more, it is four days on gaming and shenanigans.

This year for Gen Con I had grand plans to come swinging with quite a few new armies.. it should be said that I have a fetish to play new armies to every convention I go to... BUT unfortunately for me plans for a commission pay out to have money to fund new armies fell through. So now we do something more exciting/challenging, I will create playable and hopefully semi-competitive from models I have laying around the house.

AE WWII - German Geneticists

German Officer*
SD Agent*
Wermacht Sniper
Volkstrumm Group Leader*
Wermacht Soldiers w/ StG 44's*
Mad Doktor*
Emaciated Soldiers*

Dark Age - Skarrd
The Father
Toxic Mistress

Alkemy - Aurlock Nation
Starter Set
Also some commission work for Jon