Monday, August 31, 2009

Shoot first leave the paper work for later..

I started to work on the AE Bounty figures that I bought at Gen Con this year, they are quite nice figures. They have this pulpy retro sci-fi look to them which are a blast to paint, one of the first miniatures that I worked on was the "Graffi". Now I based my purchases on a fully ready to play crew BUT I do not remember any of the rules I just know once the rules get released I will have a ready crew to game with.

Before I started work on this miniature something in my mind screamed "Cop" to me I took it a step further and created a small back story for this miniature and how he came under the employ of the "Red City Raiders" my Bounty Crew. I thought to myself corruption cannot just be a human trait especially to one in power, why not also aliens? After all life is so much easier when you can cut through all the red tape and not have to be arrested for "ashing" a target and the such.

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