Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Road to Gen Con..

The time is almost here for the biggest Gaming Convention in the USA.. GEN CON Indiana! It has been the continued mecca for gamers from all over the states just pick your poison. Cards Games? Board Games? Role Playing? Live Action Role Playing? Miniature Games? Video/Computer Games? Yup it has all that and so much more, it is four days on gaming and shenanigans.

This year for Gen Con I had grand plans to come swinging with quite a few new armies.. it should be said that I have a fetish to play new armies to every convention I go to... BUT unfortunately for me plans for a commission pay out to have money to fund new armies fell through. So now we do something more exciting/challenging, I will create playable and hopefully semi-competitive from models I have laying around the house.

AE WWII - German Geneticists

German Officer*
SD Agent*
Wermacht Sniper
Volkstrumm Group Leader*
Wermacht Soldiers w/ StG 44's*
Mad Doktor*
Emaciated Soldiers*

Dark Age - Skarrd
The Father
Toxic Mistress

Alkemy - Aurlock Nation
Starter Set
Also some commission work for Jon

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