Sunday, December 26, 2010

Small Update

Just a general "not dead" update I actually have been very busy despite lack of updates. So will just do a quick breakdown on current events:

-Warseer "Tale of 40k painters": Orks-

I have been slacking off the last month and didn't accomplish the 150pts for the month, I primed a few burna boys and lootas that should keep me relatively busy though. I figure that the burna boys would be evil suns and the lootas will be well who else? Death Skulls of course!

After that is done not quite sure what else I should paint though I imagine something point heavy in order to catch up to the rest of the group. As far as the work that I have done I am pretty happy on how the orks are turning out.

-Dark Eldar-

Desert resin bases that were ordered finally shipped and I honestly cannot wait till I have them to being properly assembling my army. Color scheme wise i'm not quite sure what I would like, maybe something with bleached bone?

Gaming with the dark eldar has proven good so far, Cash and Jon played against Mike using his chimera guard. That game went downhill very quickly for the dark eldar players as they decided to get into a shooting match with guard... that obviously did not end well. Highlights include Mike only using about 1k of his 2k points to fend of BOTH dark eldar armies... ouch.

In the second match up it was Jon and I against Mike using the same list, in the second match I encouraged Jon to be more aggressive and guess what? it worked! At the end of the game it was a minor victory for the dark eldar (on objectives), units wise we beat the stuffing out of Mike. Ever the good guard player he made sure to whittle our scoring units the best he could.

-Attack of the LCG's-

Lately I have been hankering to play more card/board games than I ever have, this is at least partly attributed by the fact that board games keep going up in both content and production value. The inclusion of LCG (living card games) has also brought me back into the fold of card games, the concept of an LCG is that "packs" are not randomized but fixed. So all you have to do is go online and see i you need the cards ALL the cards you need come in a set.

This cuts down on the rush to find the power rare at the same time makes it more economical for the casual "card flopper". Games like Call of Cthulu, A Game of Thrones and Ascenion: Godslayer have all gotten a firm grip of nostalgia in me. Hopefully soon I can write an in depth review of each of the games in their own right. Till then folks enjoy the holidays!