Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hoodoo what you don't dare do people?

In an effort to to tidy up my painting/computer desk I decided to go into a painting frenzy and paint up anything that was primed. These miniatures are from the Dark Age line a post apocalyptic game based on the artist Brom works. First up is Hoodoo a lone swordsman from the Skarrd faction that coats his weapons in poison when he heads into battle.

The second miniature is also from the Skarrd faction and she is the Toxic Mistress an addict to her own poisons which she unleashes on her opposition via a rigged pressure system much like a flame thrower.. but with toxic waste! She is missing her twin to complete her "group" but other than that I am quite happy how she turned out.

Here is a group shot with a confrontation miniature I plan to use for Dark Age as a Kaustic (a sort of lieutenant for the Toxic Cult sub-faction of Skard) which seems to fit in just fine with his friends.

Alas I came to that point where I ran out of primer before I got to do more of my Dark Age miniatures. But a quick order to The Warstore and I was back on track, I even managed to order myself a Malifaux book. Apparently this game is getting rave reviews and is selling out of just about everywhere. Malifaux has the look of a "weird wild west" type of game with heavy steam punk influences. Sort of like the game Deadlands which was an rpg, card game AND miniature game.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The mastermind of it all..

Here is my Logician from the AE Bounty line, which is the last miniature I had to do for this particular crew. All I need to do is wait for the book to come out at the end of October and i'll be fully prepared to play. Now all I have to do is come up with a few names.. hmm the battle is never over is it?

Here is a picture of the whole crew together, when you see these guys around you better be somewhere else!

I am slowly starting to organize and sell off a lot of the miniatures I have laying around. I even started to paint up random miniatures within arms length on my painting table. Till I hit every painters nightmare... no primer! Ah well this week I will stop by my local hobby store and pick that up as well as a few paints.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Down time..

Being caught up in my "Weird War" phase I decided to purchase a sizeable German Platoon from Black Tree Designs. The miniatures look quite well sculpted and a lot of positive reviews come from the minis themselves. The only problem was that their shipping/customer service has become very infamous on the net. I decided to take a dive when they threw their "Summer Sale", 50% off was just too great to turn away.

With that said I ordered:
Wemacht Infantry with MP 44 Rifles x2 (8 miniatures)
German Platoon (30 miniatures, mixture of SMGS, LMGS and rifles)
Wermacht Character Set x2 (8 miniatures)
Wermacht Mortar Team (3 miniatures)
Wermacht Panzershreck Teams (4 miniatures)

53 assorted miniatures for $48.91 thats INCLUDING the shipping! Now time to play the "waiting game". Most people said that 2-3 weeks is the norm when it comes to ordering with horror stories of it lasting longer. With that said I think ill wait till next monday to send them a "friendly" email/reminder.

Now all I have to do is order a bunch of "lipped" bases so that I can use these minis in "Secrets of the Third Reich" and "AE WWII". Two games that I am really into at the moment, there has always been something about the last 'romantic' war that has always caught my interest but I was too scared to jump into.. till now of course.

Another game that has caught my interest is Heavy Gear Blitz a game of tanks, mecha and infantry by Dream Pod 9. Though I am still grasping to fit all the rules I think it's a fun game, I have to admit I don't really like to read rules though I love flipping through rulebooks. I am more of the type to learn more from a demonstration rather than reading.

Looking through the book I had my choice of which army to pick (besides Peace River Defence Force which Ray picked first) and I chose the "South" in particular the "MILICIA" sub-faction. Something about convicts and renegades piloting outdated or damaged mechs into battle just called to me. That and the image of a horde of mecha barreling at the oppositiion!

Ray and myself have agreed to try a small 200 TV (threat value) squad in order to further famalirize ourselves with the rules. With that in mind I decided to get a box set that I would get the most use out of and that would be part of a larger force later on.

I ordered myself a General Purpose Cadre which is composed of five models, the miniatures come with plenty of options and all the available weapons/upgrades that they can recieve. I may leave off the heads momentarily so that I can switch them out when the need arises. But as the miniatures have not come yet I will have to see just how much work needs to be done on them. With that I am off to work on the last model of my AE Bounty crew. farewell.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Devon

Here is my fourth figure from the AE Bounty line, a "Devon" sporting some sort of heavy weapon. For this miniature I drew inspiration strangely enough from the Cadian Imperial Guard battle fatigues. The model just seemed as if it had experience in military service, so I went for something basic and recognizable.

I put the "201" on his should as a regiment number, 201 being the area code of where I live I thought it was quite funny. The miniature painted up rather quick and I want to add some battle damage once I get an idea where exactly the miniature will be about done. With the Devon done I am down to one miniature to finish my "crew" my leader and the "brains" of the whole operation a "Logician". Till then folks!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Haedi, the mischievious duo

Here are my next to miniatures for the AE Bounty game, these miniatures are labeled Haedi. Neing a "regular" choice my my crew meant they were grouped into a "squad" of two. Now in bounty you can group just about any of the miniatures but these appealed to me because I had the mental image of two little sneaky aliens causing all sorts of trouble.

And here they are together ready to game unfortunately the rulebook for bounty doesn't come out for another month but at least I am going to have a fully painted crew by then. Next up is a Devon!