Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hoodoo what you don't dare do people?

In an effort to to tidy up my painting/computer desk I decided to go into a painting frenzy and paint up anything that was primed. These miniatures are from the Dark Age line a post apocalyptic game based on the artist Brom works. First up is Hoodoo a lone swordsman from the Skarrd faction that coats his weapons in poison when he heads into battle.

The second miniature is also from the Skarrd faction and she is the Toxic Mistress an addict to her own poisons which she unleashes on her opposition via a rigged pressure system much like a flame thrower.. but with toxic waste! She is missing her twin to complete her "group" but other than that I am quite happy how she turned out.

Here is a group shot with a confrontation miniature I plan to use for Dark Age as a Kaustic (a sort of lieutenant for the Toxic Cult sub-faction of Skard) which seems to fit in just fine with his friends.

Alas I came to that point where I ran out of primer before I got to do more of my Dark Age miniatures. But a quick order to The Warstore and I was back on track, I even managed to order myself a Malifaux book. Apparently this game is getting rave reviews and is selling out of just about everywhere. Malifaux has the look of a "weird wild west" type of game with heavy steam punk influences. Sort of like the game Deadlands which was an rpg, card game AND miniature game.

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