Monday, January 30, 2012

Return to the motherland..

Hello everyone and thanks for tuning in lately as I may have said in earlier posts the Games Workshop bug has bitten in my core gaming group. In the past two weeks I have actually played 2 games of Warhammer Fantasy and 6 games of 40k. Mind you I have not touched either game in almost two years! All games were great fun to play especially when I wasn't facing anything over the top list wise just a few casual gamers.

It had my thinking that 1k battles of 40k were quite tactical making armies take the bare essentials with one or two things for fun. Where as in fantasy I have to find a way to magnetize my Dark Elves, I still have not faced a proper "horde" unit to test against my some what MSU (multiple small unit) style that was so popular for Dark Elves pre-8th edition.

I have also been very busy painting up a storm of models lately though the picture is quite late here is a Wych unit I painted up for my Wych Cult 1k army:

I am quite happy how these models turn out, the only real pain was gluing them onto the base. With such a small contact point with the base it was a little hard at first to get them to stay on till I learned a little trick. As always my armies tend to wander into the purple/blue color palette as they are my favorite two colors.

Don't worry guys I have not given up on my strong skirmish roots, in fact I am thinking up of a list for a Brood army for the game Dark Age. Infinity is also going to get some attention as soon as I strip my current Yu Jing army and repaint them (I have a bad habit of doing that...) yet again! Till then folks!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The bore of court life...

Sitting on his throne of trophies Goethe sighed as he drank the last of his wine, here he was in his own keep surrounded by his court of sleeping concubines and retainers. Surrounded by wealth and success should of been more fulfilling but Goethe found civilian life even if it was a high born position menial at best. The tricks and schemes of the royal court were but a child's game compared to the raids on villages the heat of battle and the glory of riches won over blood and sweat.

As he looked down into his cup he saw the last few ruby red drops of wine almost the color of blood. Or has it been that long that he has forgotten what blood even looks like... he deftly grabbed his dagger pristine as reflective as a mirror and stared at it as if in a hypnotic daze. He stabbed the dagger into his palm and laughed as the blood gushed onto his blade. "Now that is what a blade SHOULD look like!" he said to no one in particular and looked at the blade no longer pristine but covered in his own blood. It all became clear to him in an instant he shot up out of his throne and shouted "prepare the fleet! we sail!". One of his retainers stood up as if to question his authority but before a word left his lips Goethe threw his dagger at quicksilver speed into the elf who hit the floor screaming. With a smile Goethe declared loudly "HE will lead the assault! Strap him onto the hull of the ship and make sure he is still alive when you do it!".

Without question his guards jumped up and grabbed the dark elf from the floor dragging his body away to carry out their master's orders. It was all falling into place now, no more political scheming and avoiding an assassin's blade. This mundane existence was over Goethe belonged on the seas raiding and pillaging feeding his vain glory for more. Goethe was on his way to lead his armies back to war against the lesser species. Goethe was alive again.

Well it's been quite some time hasn't it? Recently it seems a bug has been going around.. the Games Workshop bug. It seems out of nowhere a bunch of like minded individuals want to start playing both 40k and Warhammer Fantasy. I had always enjoyed playing Fantasy and just when 8th edition hit my group stopped playing any Games Workshop game and we started playing other skirmish games.

I'm not complaining the others games are a lot of fun but sometimes you just want to play on a platoon/massive army level with a bunch of random strangers. So with that said I am bringing back both my Fantasy army and I am starting/finishing my Dark Eldar army for 40k.

With Fantasy my dark elves can easily hit 2500 with the addition of a handful of troops that need to be painted. While my Dark Eldar I had 1000 points roughly assembled into a themed Wych Cult list. I hope to flesh out all of the cults up to 1k and just pick and choose units when I need them.

Don't worry everybody this doesn't mean that I am JUST going back to playing these two game systems I will still play: Warmachine/Hordes, Dark Age, Pulp City, Infinity, AE WWII, Secrets of the Third Reich, AE Bounty, Hell Dorado etc. It will just mean during the week I will most likely be playing a GW game and on the weekends the skirmish games.

In other news my group is thinking about recording our gaming sessions and making battle reports to put up on YouTube. So hopefully we can bring our group to that next level of gaming. Till then folks! stay tuned!