Monday, January 30, 2012

Return to the motherland..

Hello everyone and thanks for tuning in lately as I may have said in earlier posts the Games Workshop bug has bitten in my core gaming group. In the past two weeks I have actually played 2 games of Warhammer Fantasy and 6 games of 40k. Mind you I have not touched either game in almost two years! All games were great fun to play especially when I wasn't facing anything over the top list wise just a few casual gamers.

It had my thinking that 1k battles of 40k were quite tactical making armies take the bare essentials with one or two things for fun. Where as in fantasy I have to find a way to magnetize my Dark Elves, I still have not faced a proper "horde" unit to test against my some what MSU (multiple small unit) style that was so popular for Dark Elves pre-8th edition.

I have also been very busy painting up a storm of models lately though the picture is quite late here is a Wych unit I painted up for my Wych Cult 1k army:

I am quite happy how these models turn out, the only real pain was gluing them onto the base. With such a small contact point with the base it was a little hard at first to get them to stay on till I learned a little trick. As always my armies tend to wander into the purple/blue color palette as they are my favorite two colors.

Don't worry guys I have not given up on my strong skirmish roots, in fact I am thinking up of a list for a Brood army for the game Dark Age. Infinity is also going to get some attention as soon as I strip my current Yu Jing army and repaint them (I have a bad habit of doing that...) yet again! Till then folks!

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