Friday, February 10, 2012

The second wave.

Hello there everyone! I am back as promised and I am glad to say that I have actually been quite busy working on some models. Looks like both Warhammer Fantasy and 40k are in full swing of course 40k being more common than fantasy but that is nothing out of the norm.

Since the last update I have gone to a small 1k tourney at the local Games Workshop, I took my Genestealer Cult/Guard army though i didn't do great all of my games were quite fun and very close. I have never really played guard so it was quite a learning experience, I have never been a shooting fan but I really like how an infantry horde of guard work.

I have also managed to finish a second squad of Wyches for my Dark Eldar who have also seen quite a few games in the last couple of weeks, mainly at the 1k level of points. Ever the fan of close combat my Wych cult themed army has seen some reasonable success even against the dreaded Grey Knights!

Nothing too fancy a few subtle conversions and bits pulled off of Helions and Reavers mixed in with whatever I thought would fit the aesthetic of the model.I have painted any "special" weapons in the units a neon green color which makes identifying them a lot easier on the table top without a big fuss.

Here is a picture of two models I am about finished with for my Genestealer Cult/Guard army.

No real conversion just an old Necromunda Pyromaniac model who will fill the role of sergeant in a unit. Accompanied by an old guard standard bearer model from the 80s, I use this model as a regimental standard when I have the points. Otherwise he is regulated to the duty of a veteran guardsman guarding the company command.

As you may have noticed yes I do like both purple and blue on a lot of my miniatures, they are just colors i'm quite partial to. Though I do have a bunch of other miniatures that do not have any of those colors. Tomorrow I may have time to take pictures of other work I have completed. Though I am no great painter I love painting models and paint anything within arms reach when I am on the computer passing time.

Anyways the hour is quite late and I should be heading to sleep soon hopefully better pictures or more coming shortly!

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