Monday, February 20, 2012

The life of a sell sword..

I promised I would put up a few pictures of my Warmachine army up a while back and I am back to make good on that promise. Here are the first three miniatures I painted for Warmachine, they are from Mercenary faction.

Always a fan of those who work for coin and the ability to "mix" units if I decided to play another faction Mercs seemed an easy choice to get into the game. Here is a group shot of the three.

Magnus- AKA Ash from Evil Dead one of my fave all time movies was an easy choice to pick up... that did not directly translate to how easy/hard it was to play with the warcaster for a newbie though. But hey style points are more important to me! Magnus rarely does any heavy lifting in the army but his "resourceful" ability is amazing to buff any jacks he runs.

Renegade- If you want something assassinated at range or want to lay a world of hurt on enemies nothing says lovin' like an obliterator bomb dropping on you. Great range to begin with Magnus usually casts "Snipe" just so the Renegade can aim his weapon. The most notable moment to my Renegades long list of kills was shooting into combat at my own Halberdier in combat with Deneghra just to kill Denny with the blast!

Nomad- Known in my group as "Captain America" as most times it is his shield that causes the most damage. The Nomad is a pretty cheap jack for a heavy with some great hitting power and armor, though it doesn't have any special abilities or weapons like other jacks. You can't ask for a better jack at the points especially for Mercs.

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