Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Reinforcements!

As I have been working on my Blood Angels commission in between squads I had started to pick up random minis simply to get a few more things painted on my computer desk. I decided to take a quick picture of my work in progress Infantry squad for my Genestealer Cult army. Though they no longer have a real codex... Thank you Games Workshop for dropping the "Eye of Terror" codex and not bringing back the "Lost and Damned" army list..

I would like to think that eventually when I do get back to playing 40k one day that I would use my Genestealer Cult as an Imperial Guard army. Here are 10 miniatures as you can tell these miniatures are from the Rogue Trader era, I have to admit I have a fetish for older metal/pewter models.

As far as painting goes, I did the standard blues and purples that Genestealer Cults are known to wear. Quick dry brush for the base as they are fighting in ruined cities and they are ready for the table top.! I really should start cataloging the army and putting it up on the site. Hmm a project screams to be done..

Other projects are chugging along, returning back to school has had me busy doing paper work most of my days. I may have said it before but I have a fully based and painted Mercenary Warmachine Army I was surprised at the speed it was assembled and painted. Every now and then I go back and add a few details to make a few things eye catching.

As the months pass my group's annual trip to Indiana to attend Gen Con looms near, this year more so than the others I have a gaggle of games to attend. Between Infinity, AE WWII, AE Bounty, Hell Dorado, Dark Age, Malifaux and a ton of other skirmish games. Not quite sure when I am going to have the opportunity to play them all but I hope I can post more of my work and thoughts as the weeks go by. Stay tuned.