Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cap'n "Calamity" Cash AKA Guild Guard Captain

As promised another update in a short time period.. well short for me I have been painting up a storm getting ready for Gen Con. Yes my annual trip to the promised lands, where women are cheaper than beer. The place where you can game all day and go out during the night and spend less than 25% of what you would spend in NYC... Needless to say its an amazing time!

With that said I am more of a table top painter than an actual gamer so I tend to paint whatever is on my desk at the moment. Introducing the Guild Guard Captain, named after my friend Cash due to the slight resemblance. I really DO have to get that flock to finish off the bases, I always feel that its that little extra work on the bases that catches peoples eyes and make the miniature that much better.

Well have to keep it short have over 50+ miniatures to finish in the span of 5 or so weeks... love the pressure as one "army" is needs to be purchased and converted.. yup! Till then folks! till then!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ryle, Guild Pawn

I have to admit the first time I heard of Ryle, I wasn't all that impressed with the miniature or his rules. But since he came with the Lucius box set I figured what the hell let me paint him first as he would be the least used miniature... Boy was I wrong! Not only was he a great miniature to paint up but once I put him on the table top he has been a terror for anyone I face.

Then again who wouldn't be afraid of a hulking half dead cyborg with a mini gun? His incredible mobility coupled with his threat range means he is one mean customer. But I will save all my tactical thoughts for when I write up an article on Ryle. For now enjoy the pictures!