Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stay in line maggots! The Drill Sergeant has arrived!

Sort of keeping my promise of updating twice a day here is my second update! Yes I know technically I am a day late but since I haven't gone to sleep yet it counts! I kept the Drill Sarge relatively simple seeing as he is a guardsmen/totem going with the somewhat theme that higher ups have more liberty in their style of dress.

In game the Drill Sarge dutifully follows whoever I link him to, providing a shooting buff to anyone near him. In addition when coupled with Lucius he is handy to have in a tight spot if I need to sacrifice him to Lucius.

The miniature painted up rather quickly didn't have any major problems, then again I have painted almost 100 miniatures in the past month or so. I would imagine after painting that many table top quality miniatures time just flies by eh? I should be able to post something tomorrow though not too sure what it will be just yet! Then the almighty weekend arrives... but we shall see. Till then folks!

A challenger appears.. Vega... Uh I mean Lucius!

Sorry everyone I am a day late on my update today, I will actually make up for it later tonight and post another picture so don't worry. Well here is Lucius who I among others in the community always thought looked quite like Vega from street fighter. You have to admit that they do have a striking similarity:

Vega actually being one my favorite characters in Street Fighter despite my utter lack of skill in actually playing the game. I decided I would close the gap and paint Lucius in more or less the same manner. I will continue to blame my camera and horrible den like lighting in my house. I really do have to fix one or the other quite soon, rest assured i'm working on it.

I am quite happy how he came out actually, I also found him in game to be incredibly efficient/effective. Never one to dirty his own hands Lucius makes the Guild work like a well oiled machine. If you want increased hitting power? Lucius has it handled. Need more mobility? No problem, Lucius commands guardsmen to new and greater heights. I am still at a loss to say who is my favorite master between Lucius and Sonnia because the play styles are so different. I would almost make a comparison with Warmachine/Hordes where even in the same faction a "caster" can change the whole play style even if some of the units overlap.

In other news as of yesterday I finished painting 23 miniatures yesterday, all of them for Dark Age. I am amazed how fast I painted the whole Skarrd crew, mainly because I am not as experienced with white primer but it was all I had at the moment. They look like a bunch of crazed post apocalyptic styled cannibals, all different colored clothes, shades of skin tone topped off with a mish mash of weapons and armor.

With that said I better get back to work, another update will be up later today so stay tuned!

*Edit think I took much clearer pictures! Hurrah for progress!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Burn the house down.. with Sonnia Crid

Keeping to my promise.. well sort of by a few hours but regardless here is my Sonnia Crid for my guild crew. I really have to either create a better environment to take better photos or a new camera. I am leaning towards a newer camera, my old beat up canon is really showing it's age. But onto the miniature this is the second time I repaint this particular mini and I have to say I am very happy of how it came out.

In game Sonnia is quite literally a fiery inquisitor hunting down those that make use of illegal magic. Flinging fireballs, creating walls of fire and surrounding herself with an inferno she is quite good in all ranges. Lets not mention her signature spell "violation of magic" that if it kills a miniature it comes back as one of her minions!

Even as I type this late entry my hands are full of paint as I keep trucking through the night finishing off miniatures. Though I am making incredible progress I would like to keep working as hard as I can so that I can have spare time to add random details (and base of course!) to my miniatures.

I should have some Infinity Yu Jing soon as my order makes its way to me via Warstore! Till then folks!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Judge...

As promised here is another picture of something I have been working on, the Judge of the Guild faction I received as part of a bartertown trade. The miniature was actually quite fun to paint very dynamic and intimidating, all I have to do now is learn how to play with him. Well that and either upgrade my camera or stop dropping/damaging it, but that can wait for another day.

I am currently taking a break from Malifaux miniatures in order to paint up my Skarrd force for Dark Age. A post apocalyptic game that pits scavengers, zealots, aliens and mutants in a fight to the death for resources! Based on Brom's art work he did for a card game, it is a post apoc game with a slight twist.

Well I better get my butt back to painting I have about three weeks left to paint a ton of pewter. Wish me luck! and yes there will be another picture post tomorrow as promised!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Comfort weight Wolverine... Uh I mean Executioner!

Sorry for the late update folks I have been painting/converting like a man possessed! Of course gearing up for the greatest convention of the whole year.. GEN CON! Here is an old miniature that I repainted for my Guild crew. Nick named "comfort weight wolverine" don't let his huge claws scare you... well unless you are the enemy. He is quite handy in hand to hand and is hard to kill off for good.

As always my miniatures are in perpetual WIP till I finish off their bases... yes yes I know I HAVE ordered the flock and hopefully I can post an "army pic" by the end of the month.

I plan to post a picture of a painted model everyday this week, lets see if I can keep up with my promises. Till then!