Sunday, July 10, 2011

Comfort weight Wolverine... Uh I mean Executioner!

Sorry for the late update folks I have been painting/converting like a man possessed! Of course gearing up for the greatest convention of the whole year.. GEN CON! Here is an old miniature that I repainted for my Guild crew. Nick named "comfort weight wolverine" don't let his huge claws scare you... well unless you are the enemy. He is quite handy in hand to hand and is hard to kill off for good.

As always my miniatures are in perpetual WIP till I finish off their bases... yes yes I know I HAVE ordered the flock and hopefully I can post an "army pic" by the end of the month.

I plan to post a picture of a painted model everyday this week, lets see if I can keep up with my promises. Till then!

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