Thursday, July 14, 2011

A challenger appears.. Vega... Uh I mean Lucius!

Sorry everyone I am a day late on my update today, I will actually make up for it later tonight and post another picture so don't worry. Well here is Lucius who I among others in the community always thought looked quite like Vega from street fighter. You have to admit that they do have a striking similarity:

Vega actually being one my favorite characters in Street Fighter despite my utter lack of skill in actually playing the game. I decided I would close the gap and paint Lucius in more or less the same manner. I will continue to blame my camera and horrible den like lighting in my house. I really do have to fix one or the other quite soon, rest assured i'm working on it.

I am quite happy how he came out actually, I also found him in game to be incredibly efficient/effective. Never one to dirty his own hands Lucius makes the Guild work like a well oiled machine. If you want increased hitting power? Lucius has it handled. Need more mobility? No problem, Lucius commands guardsmen to new and greater heights. I am still at a loss to say who is my favorite master between Lucius and Sonnia because the play styles are so different. I would almost make a comparison with Warmachine/Hordes where even in the same faction a "caster" can change the whole play style even if some of the units overlap.

In other news as of yesterday I finished painting 23 miniatures yesterday, all of them for Dark Age. I am amazed how fast I painted the whole Skarrd crew, mainly because I am not as experienced with white primer but it was all I had at the moment. They look like a bunch of crazed post apocalyptic styled cannibals, all different colored clothes, shades of skin tone topped off with a mish mash of weapons and armor.

With that said I better get back to work, another update will be up later today so stay tuned!

*Edit think I took much clearer pictures! Hurrah for progress!

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