Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Burn the house down.. with Sonnia Crid

Keeping to my promise.. well sort of by a few hours but regardless here is my Sonnia Crid for my guild crew. I really have to either create a better environment to take better photos or a new camera. I am leaning towards a newer camera, my old beat up canon is really showing it's age. But onto the miniature this is the second time I repaint this particular mini and I have to say I am very happy of how it came out.

In game Sonnia is quite literally a fiery inquisitor hunting down those that make use of illegal magic. Flinging fireballs, creating walls of fire and surrounding herself with an inferno she is quite good in all ranges. Lets not mention her signature spell "violation of magic" that if it kills a miniature it comes back as one of her minions!

Even as I type this late entry my hands are full of paint as I keep trucking through the night finishing off miniatures. Though I am making incredible progress I would like to keep working as hard as I can so that I can have spare time to add random details (and base of course!) to my miniatures.

I should have some Infinity Yu Jing soon as my order makes its way to me via Warstore! Till then folks!


Michael Flores said...

Very cool man. That's awesome.

Cerealkiller.. said...

Thank you, I wish I could get better pictures up but I am working with a dated camera. I think I solved the problem and may update the post with a crisper picture.