Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stay in line maggots! The Drill Sergeant has arrived!

Sort of keeping my promise of updating twice a day here is my second update! Yes I know technically I am a day late but since I haven't gone to sleep yet it counts! I kept the Drill Sarge relatively simple seeing as he is a guardsmen/totem going with the somewhat theme that higher ups have more liberty in their style of dress.

In game the Drill Sarge dutifully follows whoever I link him to, providing a shooting buff to anyone near him. In addition when coupled with Lucius he is handy to have in a tight spot if I need to sacrifice him to Lucius.

The miniature painted up rather quickly didn't have any major problems, then again I have painted almost 100 miniatures in the past month or so. I would imagine after painting that many table top quality miniatures time just flies by eh? I should be able to post something tomorrow though not too sure what it will be just yet! Then the almighty weekend arrives... but we shall see. Till then folks!

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