Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Death in the marsh land..

The stench of rot and decay lurked deep in the marshlands just south of the command post, patrols were sent out to search for any still functioning defenses the planet may have had before the warp storms. Rune Priest Edrigar led his pack ahead of their razorback that was slowly threading through the marsh. Guarding their left flank was another pack of Grey Hunters razorback in tow advancing cautiously.

Edrigar sniffed the air and snarled, but before a warning could be given the Death Guard had sprung their trap. The Death Guard sprung from the ground, bolt guns barked as they let loose their munitions. Their rhinos added to the volume of fire launching toxin filled canisters among the Space Wolves. A large gurgled roar came booming and a winged demon prince flew over head it's large bloated body held aloft by membranous wings.

After the initial shock the Space Wolves quickly set about to push back their enemy and take the bastion that was now in their sights. Edrigar could see in his mind's eye as the reinforcements started to respond to their call. A Wolf Priest led his howling Blood Claws spiraling into a unit of death guard, as if possessed by the spirit of Russ himself the aspirants slaughtered the traitors.

So eager were they to get into grips with the enemy that they recklessly advanced through a hail of enemy fire. Heedless to any danger the Blood Claws laughed insanely as they dove into another enemy squad ripping them apart in an animal like frenzy before taking to the skies again. They seemed all but invincible as small arms fire pattered off their armor like rain drops before they carved a bloody path through the enemy.

The hubris of the demon prince was made apparent as it landed onto the ground and gurgled a roar at the oncoming Grey Hunter pack. Lesser men would of quaked in fear of such a sight, but these were not men they were giants and they gladly met this challenge with a toothy grin. Flame units were activated and they bathed the demon prince creating a towering inferno before the Grey Hunters moved in bolt pistols firing. Despite being wounded the demon prince swung it's rotten fists and swatted aside the first few marines in arms reach.

Practiced veterans that they were the remainder of the pack set about attacking the demon prince in unison knives and chainswords biting deep into the flesh of the demon. It was Brakkus the berzerker who finally laid the killing blow upon the brow of the demon prince splitting his skull in two with his mighty meat clever of an ax. With a loud screech the demon prince seemed to melt and disappear back to the warp from which it was spawned.

Edrigar was not idle as he moved his pack over look a hill firing on any death guard that were foolish enough to leave their transports. Summoning eldritch powers Edrigar flung bolts of energy from his hands dissolving armor and flesh alike. Chanting words of power Edrigar slammed his fist on the ground creating a chasm that swallowed the death guard into an earthy grave before sealing itself up much to the amusement of the old Rune Priest.

The battle raged as the Space Wolves relentlessly pressed on against the resilient Death Guard, their bloated bodies absorbing vicious blows that would fell even ordinary astartes not corrupted by the powers of chaos. But even in their madness they knew they could not hold back the Space Wolf assault and they called for the retreat slowly falling back while their rhinos covered them. The Death Guard had been routed and headed back into the marsh to consolidate their forces, the ferocity of the Space Wolves carried the day.

This was my first campaign game against a Death Guard (all plague marine force) player who relied primarily on a rhino wall all equipped with havoc launchers. At first glance I didn't see them as much of a threat but once they kept piling on wounds and made one of my Grey Hunter packs run off the table I definitely made them a priority!

MVP: Blood Claws with jump packs along with Wolf Priest Agnar running through 3 squads of plague marines and a rhino or two. Making armor saves by the buckets and contesting an objective.

LVP: Grey Hunter pack that ran off the table, had they made their test the demon prince would of met his doom by mass plasma fire!

As I get more games in with my Space Wolves I am becoming more confident in each units capabilities. In the next post I hope to put up my army list and reasoning why I took certain selections along with any tactical information I may have drawn up. till then.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Establishing a foothold..

Turn: 1
The mighty engines of the thunder hawks roaring overhead were almost deafening as they ferried building materials from the 'Might of Russ' that lay in low orbit. The Space Wolf camp was in a flurry of activity setting up defenses and securing the perimeter of what would the forward command post on this planet. Establishing radio contact with anyone on the planet seemed futile, only short wave radios or microbeads seemed to work with any regularity.

Warpstorms covered several parts of the planet causing the Imperial forces to fracture and scatter across the world. Now with little to no radio contact they were forced to rely on scouts for intel. From what they gathered it seemed as if the planet was swallowed up by several ork warbands fighting for domination over one another. That was until Imperial forces showed up now they are slowly banding together into a great 'WAAAAGH' those that do not swear fealty to the warlord are quickly put to the sword.

Turn: 2-3
After the fortifications were built the Space Wolf force advanced to examine the surrounding areas looking for clues leading to the where abouts of the population. Sadly for all their efforts all that they could find was an abandoned run down city and more barren wastelands. The chapter's Rune Priests tried to search the ether for answers but the warp storms made it impossible to read the strands of fate with any accuracy.

Despite the set backs long range scout patrols have returned and brought good news to the Space Wolf camp, they successfully established communications with the Salamanders chapter in the north and the 208th Valhallan regiment in the south. This planet is doomed to be over run by the tide of orks it is only a matter of when this will come to pass...

With my Space Wolves all but finished assembly wise I set about in the campaign surrounding the areas around my HQ. Which led for the first few turns claiming empty space, reasoning that if I attacked someone there might be a chance I fail and gain nothing. While if I defended I would be able claim the square and any ties go to the defender.

Sorry for the lack of picture updates my mother decided to go on vacation for three weeks and nabbed my camera! Pictures coming soon but for now I plot on how I will put up a staunch defense!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The wolves draw first blood..

Warp travel had always unsettled the old wolf, it was best not to contemplate the horrors that astropaths must go through to navigate the ether. Just a few days more and they would be at Din Kaldir to find out the whereabouts of the population and uncover other mysteries surrounding the planet. The ship lay in orbit on one of the many Imperial held worlds sending shuttles for more supplies as the astropaths momentarily rested before they were on the last leg of the journey.

The Priest's aide arrived yet again waiting to be acknowledged, he didn't care much for the man. He wasn't a native of Fenris for one, he was a plump smug man if he could be called that... a plump coward who would rather hide behind a stack of papers than battle an enemy face to face. He rarely left the safety of the ship and on the rare occasion he would make planet fall he would bemoan his misfortune.

With a gesture from the Priest the aide burst into an incessant chatter of information, from remaining energy stores to the cleanliness of the ship. Just when it seemed as if the aide was finished he added "in minor news the natives have requested our help against ork warbands ravaging their lands... I of course took the liberty of telling them the appropriate Imperial response will take six to eight standard months..." the Wolf Priest stared straight at the aide and bellowed "we can take the supplies of these people and we cannot aide them in peril!?!". The aide gulped "but sir... if we are to make..." the priest stormed off mid-sentence as the klaxons sounded... the wolves were off to war.

Within the hour a contingent of Space Wolves were deployed to the planet and on the hunt for the ork raiders. There was a low rumble as the Razorbacks slowly advanced their lascannons slowly scanning the surrounding area for a sign of the orks. Over the micro bead the wolf scouts reported that the orks were coming in mass. With the order given the wolves quickly jumped off the sides of the Razor back and formed a battle line waiting bolters ready.

In the distance a faint noise became a noisy rumble as the orks came clamoring onto the battle field firing their weapons in the air on their way to the villages. The wolves acted quickly and took the initiative a lascannon shot managed to strike true and stun a battlewagon full of orks. The Rune Priest spotted an ork carrying a a huge contraption on his back as he made his way atop a building cackling. He smiled to himself as his pupils went white and he began incantations, pointing two fingers at the ork lightning shot out of his fingertips electrocuting the ork and sending him off the roof off the building with a resounding thud.

"None shall get past us!" proclaimed the Wolf Priest as his banner bearer planted the wolf standard seconds before the orks smashed against their lines. The first wave of orks were Nobs huge hulking beasts made of muscle armed with the best weapons. Despite their ferocity the vicious counter attack from the wolves sent what remained of the Nobs running back towards their lines defeated and bloodied.

Though they were victorious the wolves did not get a chance to rest as the second wave of orks smashed into their lines. Though not as strong as nobs the pure weight of numbers were weighing the marines down in combat. A true testament to the stock of Leman Russ, despite being vastly outnumbered the wolves did not give up the fight hacking and slashing all around them.

Relief came with a howl as the Blood Claws rained death from the sky as they fell upon the bewildered orks. The young aspirants carving a bloody reputation into the orks scattering them to the winds as they chased after them blood lust in their eyes.

On the left flank the Rune Priest's squad was slowly being surrounded by waves of orks, only his fell powers keeping them at bay. The orks were slowly running out of bodies to throw at the Space Wolves, but even space marines are not invincible to waves of enemies. Things were starting to look bleak as marines fell, ork bodies piled high around them.

Just as it seemed the battle line was about to strain the scouts master infiltrators and saboteurs arrived behind the enemy. Taking delight in pouncing on unsuspecting orks loitering in the back of the lines firing their rockets hooting at the impressive fire works. It was the last thing they knew as the scouts quickly stabbed and shot them with their silenced weapons before planting explosives on the damaged battle wagon that was trying to get itself out of a ditch. The scouts disappeared into the night just as their explosives went off.

The explosion made fighters on both sides pause for a moment before the orks realized just how many of their fallen brethren lay in the mud. With that the orkish morale was broken and what was left of them called for a retreat. The Wolf Priest took off his helmet and looked out into the battle field. The smell of blood, fire and sweat hung heavy in the air but it had been a resounding victory for the sons of Leman Russ, the orks have been beaten and would no longer possess a threat to the people of this planet.

This game is the first real game I had with my space wolves, going into the game I was a bit nervous I wasn't used to having so few models (about 50). Add to the fact that I am still very unfamiliar with 5th edition and it's missions. We ended up playing a kill point game where I deployed up to half the board edge pushing the ork deployment back.

I of course set up my razorbacks first to push the ork lines, content on falling back while providing covering fire. The wolves themselves did excellently I can't explain how GREAT the wolf standard is, even when Cash sent his nobs (of about 8) charging into a squad that used it's wolf banner. I believe I only took 1 casualty from the normal nobs and 2 from a powerfist in return for almost all of the nobs (the two that ran away had a wound left a piece!).

Once my scouts came on and started to reinforce a weakening flank my opponent threw in the towel. I lost 2 kill points from two razorbacks that were destroyed, while I scored 5-6 kill points I believe. Though two of the packs took the brunt of the attacks they lost 10 or so marines between both squads.

After the game was over I was left musing did I win because I learned how to play with compact/elite force better? Or was it my 10+ years of experience of playing orks that helped me turn the tide? Though I never came up with a clear conclusion it was still a great game and I can't wait to take my Space Wolves out, this time in the campaign!