Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Establishing a foothold..

Turn: 1
The mighty engines of the thunder hawks roaring overhead were almost deafening as they ferried building materials from the 'Might of Russ' that lay in low orbit. The Space Wolf camp was in a flurry of activity setting up defenses and securing the perimeter of what would the forward command post on this planet. Establishing radio contact with anyone on the planet seemed futile, only short wave radios or microbeads seemed to work with any regularity.

Warpstorms covered several parts of the planet causing the Imperial forces to fracture and scatter across the world. Now with little to no radio contact they were forced to rely on scouts for intel. From what they gathered it seemed as if the planet was swallowed up by several ork warbands fighting for domination over one another. That was until Imperial forces showed up now they are slowly banding together into a great 'WAAAAGH' those that do not swear fealty to the warlord are quickly put to the sword.

Turn: 2-3
After the fortifications were built the Space Wolf force advanced to examine the surrounding areas looking for clues leading to the where abouts of the population. Sadly for all their efforts all that they could find was an abandoned run down city and more barren wastelands. The chapter's Rune Priests tried to search the ether for answers but the warp storms made it impossible to read the strands of fate with any accuracy.

Despite the set backs long range scout patrols have returned and brought good news to the Space Wolf camp, they successfully established communications with the Salamanders chapter in the north and the 208th Valhallan regiment in the south. This planet is doomed to be over run by the tide of orks it is only a matter of when this will come to pass...

With my Space Wolves all but finished assembly wise I set about in the campaign surrounding the areas around my HQ. Which led for the first few turns claiming empty space, reasoning that if I attacked someone there might be a chance I fail and gain nothing. While if I defended I would be able claim the square and any ties go to the defender.

Sorry for the lack of picture updates my mother decided to go on vacation for three weeks and nabbed my camera! Pictures coming soon but for now I plot on how I will put up a staunch defense!

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