Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Death in the marsh land..

The stench of rot and decay lurked deep in the marshlands just south of the command post, patrols were sent out to search for any still functioning defenses the planet may have had before the warp storms. Rune Priest Edrigar led his pack ahead of their razorback that was slowly threading through the marsh. Guarding their left flank was another pack of Grey Hunters razorback in tow advancing cautiously.

Edrigar sniffed the air and snarled, but before a warning could be given the Death Guard had sprung their trap. The Death Guard sprung from the ground, bolt guns barked as they let loose their munitions. Their rhinos added to the volume of fire launching toxin filled canisters among the Space Wolves. A large gurgled roar came booming and a winged demon prince flew over head it's large bloated body held aloft by membranous wings.

After the initial shock the Space Wolves quickly set about to push back their enemy and take the bastion that was now in their sights. Edrigar could see in his mind's eye as the reinforcements started to respond to their call. A Wolf Priest led his howling Blood Claws spiraling into a unit of death guard, as if possessed by the spirit of Russ himself the aspirants slaughtered the traitors.

So eager were they to get into grips with the enemy that they recklessly advanced through a hail of enemy fire. Heedless to any danger the Blood Claws laughed insanely as they dove into another enemy squad ripping them apart in an animal like frenzy before taking to the skies again. They seemed all but invincible as small arms fire pattered off their armor like rain drops before they carved a bloody path through the enemy.

The hubris of the demon prince was made apparent as it landed onto the ground and gurgled a roar at the oncoming Grey Hunter pack. Lesser men would of quaked in fear of such a sight, but these were not men they were giants and they gladly met this challenge with a toothy grin. Flame units were activated and they bathed the demon prince creating a towering inferno before the Grey Hunters moved in bolt pistols firing. Despite being wounded the demon prince swung it's rotten fists and swatted aside the first few marines in arms reach.

Practiced veterans that they were the remainder of the pack set about attacking the demon prince in unison knives and chainswords biting deep into the flesh of the demon. It was Brakkus the berzerker who finally laid the killing blow upon the brow of the demon prince splitting his skull in two with his mighty meat clever of an ax. With a loud screech the demon prince seemed to melt and disappear back to the warp from which it was spawned.

Edrigar was not idle as he moved his pack over look a hill firing on any death guard that were foolish enough to leave their transports. Summoning eldritch powers Edrigar flung bolts of energy from his hands dissolving armor and flesh alike. Chanting words of power Edrigar slammed his fist on the ground creating a chasm that swallowed the death guard into an earthy grave before sealing itself up much to the amusement of the old Rune Priest.

The battle raged as the Space Wolves relentlessly pressed on against the resilient Death Guard, their bloated bodies absorbing vicious blows that would fell even ordinary astartes not corrupted by the powers of chaos. But even in their madness they knew they could not hold back the Space Wolf assault and they called for the retreat slowly falling back while their rhinos covered them. The Death Guard had been routed and headed back into the marsh to consolidate their forces, the ferocity of the Space Wolves carried the day.

This was my first campaign game against a Death Guard (all plague marine force) player who relied primarily on a rhino wall all equipped with havoc launchers. At first glance I didn't see them as much of a threat but once they kept piling on wounds and made one of my Grey Hunter packs run off the table I definitely made them a priority!

MVP: Blood Claws with jump packs along with Wolf Priest Agnar running through 3 squads of plague marines and a rhino or two. Making armor saves by the buckets and contesting an objective.

LVP: Grey Hunter pack that ran off the table, had they made their test the demon prince would of met his doom by mass plasma fire!

As I get more games in with my Space Wolves I am becoming more confident in each units capabilities. In the next post I hope to put up my army list and reasoning why I took certain selections along with any tactical information I may have drawn up. till then.

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