Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Attack of the Wermacht!

Hey sorry guys for keeping the log on a hiatus, in reality these guys were finished a few days after the good Doktor but i didn't have time to update. I'm not that pleased on how they turned out but i will learn from this mistake and keep going.

In other news i have discovered the pure magic of the new 'citadel washes' and i cannot recommend them enough. What i like most about them besides making my crap work look passable (examples will be given later on..) is that they don't leave that 'shiny' residue, rather when it dries it becomes a matte finish.

Gen Con is coming up, as most of you know it is one of the BIGGEST conventions i have ever stepped foot in. Yes it lacks GW games (aside from people just starting up their own events), but it is jam packed with every other game imaginable. I can't wait to go again this year. That's it for now hope to update in a few hours with some Lord of the Rings minis i painted, till then..

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