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Invasion of the Coasts: Part 8

After the last battle few survivors had made it back to camp but there were always more reinforcements on their way from the black arks. It only took a few days for his army to be back in fighting strength before Goethe gave the order to march again. It wasn't long before they heard the the clanking of full plate armor and praises to the dark gods. "The mortals of chaos think they can stop me do they... form a line the tribes of the north march against us!"

This was the second game of the tourney and I was facing one of the locals named Kyle, who is actually a fairly laid back player who plays more with what he likes rather than what would be effective at least in my opinion. His list looked like..

Khorne Lord on Juggernaut not sure what kind of gear but MR 1
Chaos Knights x5 full command
Warhounds x5
Warhounds x5
Warhounds x5
Warhounds x5
Chaos Warriors x10 w/ full command, shields and double hand weapons
Chaos Warriors x10 w/ full command, shields and double hand weapons
Marauder Horsemen x5
Dragon Ogre Shaggoth
Giant w/ Mark of Slannesh
Wulfrik w/ marauders x15 full command

Nimue rolled: Word of Pain and Bladewind. Sameth rolled: Rule of Burning Iron, Commandment of Brass and Law of Gold.

Turns 1-2:

With screams of devotion to their god Khorne the north men charged towards the dark elf lines heedless to any casualties being trampled underfoot in their dash into glorious combat. In a blink of an eye the chaos line was already past the halfway point of the field, the crossbowmen eyed each other nervously wondering if their missile fire would be enough to deter these crazed warriors.

The shaggoth roared to the skies as it galloped forward ignoring the bolts piercing it's body. A flock of harpies were brave enough to attack the shaggoth in it's weakened state flying in circles and gouging deep wounds in it's body. The shaggoth launched himself into the air and swung his great axe knocking most of the harpies out of the air, he clutched one in his hands and bit his head off scattering the rest of the harpies. It bellowed a great laugh as it fed on the harpies too late did it realize that the bolt thrower crew were merely adjusting their war machines to aim at him and he fell to the floor quite dead a giant bolt stuck in his chest.

Even the full plate chaos armor of the warriors was not a match for the keen eye sight of the shades. Who aimed at the exposed flesh between the armor plates and joints bringing down the warrior knights on foot. Sameth raised his hand and one of the warriors broke ranks screaming as his armor burned him alive.

On the other flank the massive giant stalked through the forests and assaulted the crossbowmen who despite their fire could not bring down the mighty giant. The titan swung his chain around making a few warriors fly off their feet into the distant sky in an explosion of blood and bone. To their credit the warriors braced their shields and prepared for the worst confident that reinforcements would soon come... at least they hoped..

The first two turns was the chaos army advancing while I positioned my units to get the most shots off as is the usual procedure for my army. The giant hid from most of my fire by running the far right flank. I did manage to put two wounds on him with a unit of crossbows I had left there.

Wulfrik had appeared on the flank of my spearmen on the bottom of the second turn. I knew that he would charge them so I simply turned to face him as Nimue fled the scene this could be messy...

Turns 3-4:

The Khorne lord and his much feared knights punched a whole separating the center from the left flank. In their bloody wake they left what could of been called a chariot at one point and the remains of shattered armor and crossbows. They continued their murderous parade by slamming into Goethe's corsairs. In what could be at best called a whirlwind of severed body parts the nerve of the corsairs broke and they were duly run down.

The giant laughed as he jumped up and down on the crossbowmen crushing quite literally underfoot. The crossbowmen decided that they did their duty and ran off the field tossing their weapons aside in order to run faster. The executioners managed to cut down plenty of the chaos warriors with wide arcs of their driachs but even their martial skill could not protect them for long from the frenzied warriors. Their ornate heavy blades spelled out their doom as the warriors set upon them quickly with their double hand weapons running down the rest.

Seeing the spearmen in trouble of facing the hulking brute named Wulfrik Nimue decided to make things a bit more 'even' for the spearmen. She smiled as she finished her incantations and saw the Wulfrik and his marauders howl in pain as they were greeted with a wall of spears.

As expected anything that went against the Lord and his retinue of knights were utterly crushed anything they faced. Which included crossbowmen, goethe and his corsairs and soon more victims... Nimue proved her worth by continuously casting Word of Pain on Wulfrik and his marauders, making them hit on 5+s. He would only kill 1-2 spearmen but I would return the favor by killing 3-4 marauders every turn.

Turns: 5-6

The knights victory cries could be heard around the field as they once more charged into more corsairs. Quite predictably not one survivor was left once the Lord and his mount were finished mangling the remains. They sped off into the distance their roaring laughter could be heard by all those on the battlefield a grim reminder for those who chose to stand against their lord khorne.

Wulfrik and his followers could not concentrate as they tried to clutch their ears and stop the bleeding that was coming from their eyes. Their attacks were clumsy and uncoordinated unlike the dark elves who took advantage impaling many a marauder on their spears. Seeing the battle go against his favor Wulfrik called the retreat to the longboats and his marauders broke ranks and ran away from the spearmen who cheered on the cowards as they took fled.

Jotan in a fit of bravado charged into the giant easily dodging an uprooted tree it used as a weapon. He broke off his lance in the chest of the giant who roared in defiance attempting to catch his flying nemesis. The chaos warriors charged in to give a hand to the giant throwing their axes and wounding the pegasus who was forced to land on the ground. It didn't take long for the warriors to wrestle Jotan off his steed and beat him into unconsciousness.

Their victory was short lived however as Nimue called a storm of blades upon the giant who tried in vain to swat out the hundreds of blades circling him. Little by little the giant of slannesh came apart as it screamed at the exquisite pain it was suffering before it finally fell backwards and died. Both repeater bolt throwers concentrated on the warriors leaving a heap of dead armored bodies dozens of black bolts protruding from their armored hides.

A very exciting game that turned into a draw once we tallied up points! I was but a few scant points away from claiming a minor victory, if I had only used my cloak of twilight on the assassin to fly out of the unit that the Khorne lord was charging at I would of gotten victory. But alas Sameth decided that would be a bad idea and miscast ending the magic phase, as an aside EVERY time I have miscast with Sameth and I always end the magic phase. I think it really is a conspiracy!

Credit given where credit it due Kyle is still a relatively new player still getting used to the nuances of warhammer but I think he did rather well. I made a few mistakes on part which led his unit through way more of mine I think the tally was:
Goethe + Corsairs x15 w/ full command and warbanner
Corsair x12 w/ musician AND Assassin
Crossbowmen x10 w/ musician

About 700-800+pts (counting banner and general bonus) they managed to wipe out, I knew there was nothing that I could do while fighting on their terms but I honestly wasn't focusing attention on them and I definitely paid for it.


Goethe picked himself out of the dirt and coughed blood out as his vision slowly returned to him. Sameth as always had a smug yet unamused look on his face Goethe had started to wonder if Sameth ever changed his facial expressions. He regained his footing and looked at the sorcerer "Tell me good news demon or I will send you back to the aether where you belong...". The sorcerer looked onto the battlefield ignoring the gaze of Goethe and said "I sense activity near by... a camp of misguided men of the empire... they wish to open a portal using the artifacts you seek".

As the next pairings were up for the next round I noticed I was against an army that looked quite fierce at a glance.. it was an empire army with a war alter, plenty of artillery and it had a steam tank... to be continued..

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