Monday, March 16, 2009

Graveyard Summoning!

A week or two ago Jon and myself played a game of Pulp City, a game where super heros and villains clash in the city streets of the 1980's. We picked up this game last year in Gencon Indy, as always I scouted the game months ahead of time and simply led my two friends (Jon and Hoj) to their table. It took a whole miniature or so before Jon and Hoj were already trying to think up how to split up the starter sets.

Though we have had the game for a fair few months our group tends to be quite diversified and there are always more than a handful of gaming systems being played at any one time. This is an account of my 3rd game(?).

It was a level 5 encounter, in pulp city a supreme (hero/villain) is given a number value based on their abilities. So far there are only level 1's and 2's out but soon level 3's will be released. Level 1 supremes tend to be small blitzer or support type of characters, most of the time they have few abilities that can't take a punch too well. Level 2 supremes tend to be greatly varied in their abilities, some are the traditional bruisers while others tend to be better at range using blasts of energy to win the day.

My "team" consisted of..

Hellsmith, Level: 2 Supreme - think something of a fallen/forgotten greek god with a runic hammer and you aren't that far off.

Nuke, Level: 2 Supreme - is a powerful melee opponent made up of nuclear energy held together by a suit of experimental armor.

Mourn, Level: 1 Supreme - hailing for the necroplane or the realm of nightmares/death i'm not quite sure how to use him to be honest but he is an awesome model.

For their resources/equipment I gave hellsmith his "hell hammer", nuke his "reinforced suit" and mourn "hired guns"

Jon had:

Solar, Level: 2 Supreme - a german superhero who uses the power of the sun.

Ace of Wraiths
, Level: 2 Supreme - an old gunslinger who won a lot more than he bargained for when he bested the devil in a hand of poker.

Red Riding Hoodoo, Level: 1 Supreme - mix little red riding hood and voodoo you can't be that far off!

Jon's Resources were: solar's "tiara", ace of wraiths "deck of cards" and red riding hoodoo's "zombie wolf"

The Scenario:

We both took a good look at the terrain and decided that the game took place in a run down neighborhood by a cemetery. The villians need to gain access to the crypt for some nefarious purpose while the heros would try and hold them off.

We placed the 5 civilians and said they were worth scenario points (1 for each heros would try and keep them alive villians wanted to kill them) holding the cemetery would be worth 3 points also. Whoever won the initiative for the turn was allowed to move d6 civilians and his opponent would move the rest if any.

The Game!

Hellsmith wastes no time charging forward with such bravado! Nuke decides to creep up slowly avoiding any direct fire from Solar or Ace of Wraiths while Hoodoo decides to hide in the cemetery for protection.

Mourn takes his hired guns and hides among the ruins careful to alert the zombie wolf or Ace of Wraiths suspicions...

Hellsmith approaches the car attempting to take some cover knowing full well the deadly energy blasts that both Solar and Ace of Wraiths have at their disposal...

Solar rushes to the car that Hellsmith was hiding behind and lifts it over his head throwing it at the colossal Hellsmith who simply shrugs off the damage and tosses aside the car.

Nuke decides to dash forward between Ace of Wraiths and Solar and claps his hands unleashing a apocalyptic wave of radiation! Which hurts both heros and kills a civilian!

Nuke's victory was short lived as both Solar and Ace of Wraiths combined their powers to send Nuke away for good. His body dissipating in a nimbus of nuclear energy and a bright flash. Hellsmith smashed down his ornate hammer sending tremors through the ground which knocked Solar off his feet! Next he assaulted Ace of Wraiths and knocked him out of action after he was severely wounded by Mourn's hired guns.

Solar then managed to get up and easily handle the two hired guns before Hellsmith's war bellow caught him off guard. Hellsmith seemed all but unstoppable knocking out Solar and Hoodoo's zombie wolf! But even the mightiest villain must fall as Hoodoo used all her power to put an end to Hellsmith's bloody reign!

I had a lot of fun during the game as my villains tried to gain access to the graveyard but the lowliest of hero's took down the bruiser which was Hellsmith! The only thing I would have liked to change was either use twilight or gentlemen as my level 1 supreme as I am still looking how to properly use mourn.. but other than that i'm glad that my favorite figure (Hellsmith) managed to carry the day for the villains till the very end!

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