Sunday, November 14, 2010

Adventures in real space II

Our second test game for our Dark Eldar was against:

Demon Prince of Slannesh w/ lash of submission and wings x2
Plague Marines 4x7? w/ assorted plasma/melta throughout squads champs w/ power fist
Obliterators 2x3
Khorne Berzekers x10? champ w/ power fist in land raider

Jon's list remained largely the same I believe he switched a raider unit for wracks in a raider and mandrakes being replaced with a truborn double splinter cannon unit possibly a venom in the mix.

My list just changed three kymeras for two voidwing flocks and haywire grenades for two wych units and archon gets them also.

again the cronos, reavers and beasts stay in reserve though we win the roll for deployment our opponent manages to seize the initiative.

quick overview:
4/6 Obliterators met their end in the first turn and after that become a non issue ineffectually gunning for raiders and either doing superficial damage or stunning them. But it wasn't before they managed to down a raider and scare off the wyches inside on the first turn.

Double lash princes supported each other by making units fall into dog pile traps, but were being slowly killed off by a torrent of dark lance/splinter cannon fire.

Grand melee between two units of plague marines try and take out a unit of wyches before some help arrives. This combat lasted 6-8 rounds of assault with no clear winner till the store closed and we rolled just to see what "would of happened". At which point the wyches lost due to lack of hitting power.

Game ended due to store closing around turn 5, both armies were pretty beat up at this point though my beasts NEVER came in from reserve. We didn't roll for a mission but we agreed if it was KP the opponent would of won, quarters would of been close and VP would of been a toss up.

-Wyches are pretty solid in combat they can tarpit just about anything not packing powered weapons. If it wasn't for toughness 5 and feel no pain even against regular MEQs they would of done a great job.

-Shardnet & Impaler- have to give this a lot of credit, at first glance I didn't think it would be as useful as razor flails but I was wrong. Denying the opponent extra attacks adds to survivability of everyone in the unit, I can imagine adding a phantasm grenade launcher for defensive grenades. Park them in cover and watch even an ork charge falter till reinforcements come.

-Webway- though I can see great potential for this, in such small point lists I cannot afford to leave my team mate down 500+ points in the first two turns of the game so I will be dropping this wargear and re doing my list.

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