Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fresh to the grave...

It is no secret that I am tremendous fan of anything zombie, I even collect random zombie miniatures JUST because. When we first started playing Malifaux I let everyone pick their factions first just to get them into the game. Hey it worked! Even though I "settled" for Guild which is one of the more interesting factions for me to play since it is a play style different to what i'm used to (close combat junkie). I have always been interested in the master of zombies Nicodem, when the Dead Justice box was revealed as Wyrd's Nightmare Edition for Gen Con everything fell into place.

My brilliant plan was to use the Dead Justice box as both Ressurectionists and Guild with a few models switched here and there I would have a workable crew. Along with the Nicodem box I would have a nice foot in the door for a Ressur crew. Just an odd purchase here and there and a gaggle of Mindless Zombies and I would be all set!

Fast forward a bit after heavy promoting of Malifaux with the rest of my crew it finally caught in a big way at our local game store. So much so that somebody in our crew who recently received Henchman status is throwing a "starter box" tourney for Malifaux. The rules are fixed master with at least 13 soul stones coming solely from the box in order to make it a challenge to veterans and keep it relatively scaled for the newer people.

So far I have only had two practice games with Nicodem both games were won/lost based solely on the "special event" that happened. But aside from that I am using my knowledge of the game more than the models abilities themselves. This weekend I should be able to get a few more games in to practice for the tournament.

Now to get down to business the tournament is set for October 22nd about two weeks time from now my initial painting schedule includes 11 models plus any "extra" models that I can summon. So I am roughly looking at about 20 or so models, can it be done? I hope so! WIP shots as well as other articles and pictures are soon to follow stay tuned.

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