Monday, September 2, 2013

Let's dust off some of those cobwebs shall we?

Hello everyone I am back! Just took a few months in order for me to get motivated into writing in the blog again. There are several reasons for this for starters League of Legends is a very addictive game... it just took a few months to balance the game with the rest of my life. Hobby wise I was still painting an odd miniature or two but in no way was it for a specific purpose it was merely to test out new paints or techniques I have acquired.

As always Gen Con was the motivator for me to paint a bunch of my friends miniatures as well as my own in preparation for the tournament... Of course it happens to be the last three days before the tournament that i tend to paint like a mad man to get everything done. Gen Con as always was a great experience and I think this year was one of the best I had attended. Nothing great really happened per se but for some reason I just really enjoyed the experience and walked away with a few nuggets of knowledge.

First my love of card games has reemerged! Don't worry i'm not much of a CCG fan but of Fantasy Flight's LCG business model. I played quite a few games of both Star Wars and Netrunner, both games rate extremely high in my book between art direction and game play. I didn't encounter anyone at the tournament that I thought was "that guy" everyone was friendly and all of my matches were a pleasure. Not only that but the variance in deck construction was quite good. Though some people used similar set ups they put their own personal touches on their decks that made me look at my deck through a different lens.

Second was my love of miniature games never diminishes though this year there was a notable sharp decline in the Malifaux games I played. Games like Dark Age and Hell Dorado I played at Gen Con were great fun and challenged me tactically. But I realized that I should not be rushing all the miniatures I want to paint for a tournament the week of Gen Con. Rather I am going to start painting miniatures months in advance even if I am not sure if I am going to use them.

Miniatures especially in skirmish games are very unique so I should take time to paint them up to the level they deserve rather than rush them out the door at the last minute. With that said I have taken an oath to take my time on my miniatures so after loading up on a few miniatures from Gen Con... namely Dark Age and Bushido miniatures the first thing I did when I went home is primed and painted a Warchief model (pics coming soon).

Well with that I am out of here for now I will update very soon.. in fact I am actually working on that article as we speak just going over it some for the final release. As always I welcome any suggestions so if you want to see reviews of certain games or just more articles of certain games I play feel free to leave a comment. Stay tuned everyone and hope that everyone is on the path of Geeky Enlightenment!

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