Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sailors on the Starless Sea Session Report, Part 2

The group went back outside to take one last look around the courtyard and essentially threw away a brand new character. Poor Johann the caravan guard, who moments before had been tied up and held hostage by a band of mutated beastmen, was unceremoniously given to the collapsing edge of the sinkhole despite a ton of obvious warnings. RIP, Johann. You fought the good fight.

Still not wanting to take their chances with the Charnel Ruins, the angry peasant mob decided to head back into the tower and descend the staircase further into the dungeon. On the way down they discovered a handful of coins scattered on the staircase, but left them alone due to trap paranoia. Lann the Elven forester detected a hastily concealed secret door leading to a looted treasure vault and a probable explanation of the coins on the staircase. Ganja Haze the herbalist rummaged around the empty treasure chests for a few minutes and walked away with a few new rings, a potion, and one less finger.

Further down the hallway the group found the entrance to Felan's Tomb. Flavius Everstar the astrologer deciphered the runes but nobody liked the sound of  "Fire, Ice, Storm, and Hate" so the party backtracked out of the cave and continued down the staircase.

Exiting the stairwell into The Dread Hall the party inspected a room lined with tile mosaics depicting horrendous chaos rituals, human sacrifice, and tentacles emerging from water next to a stone tower on a shoreline. Wester the barber took a swim in the pool at the center of the room and freaked out the rest of the group when he resurfaced screaming bloody murder about glowing skulls. After a few minutes spent getting their shit together the party realized that the glowing skulls were, if nothing else, not immediately harmful and packed a few of them up for later use.

The group continued through the room and followed the staircase further down where it eventually met with the shoreline of The Starless Sea. The ragtag peasant militia stood on the darkened sand beach of the underground sea unsure of what to do as a dragon-prowed longship approached and stopped about 50 feet from the shore. Flavius Everstar the astrologer, feeling good about his previous rune reading, attempted to decipher the runes covering a stone tower on the shore. (Wait, does this look familiar yet?) The runes triggered something in Flavius' mind and he turned on the group, grabbing the nearest member and dragging him into the water as a human sacrifice. Surprisingly, he managed to drag one of the stronger members.

Meanwhile Chuleta ("Porkchop" for you Anglophones) the Halfling vagrant climbed to the top of the stone tower and lit a candle found at the top, which drew the longship to shore. The group took turns beating Flavius into submission before they climbed aboard and set sail for the strange glow, pounding drums, and ominous screams that awaited them somewhere further out in the underground cavern.

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