Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Drew's Gencon Schedule!

Well kids you know what time it is? GEN CON! Every year thousands of people flock to the middle of nowhere (Indiana) to the "best four days of gaming". They could not be more right! Gen Con is the place to meet up with old friends, meet new ones and everything in between. From the dealers hall to the demo tables it is a frenzy of gaming almost a week long (pending how long you stay) with your fellow gamers. 

There are literally thousands of events that you can pick from in the catalog, which is your vice? Miniature games? Role Playing? Painting lessons? With so much to pick from I decided this year I would stand by my promise that THIS year I was going to attempt to join a few rpgs instead of jumping from tournament to tournament. 

With that said, this is what my tentative schedule will look like for this year's Gen Con. Only two miniature tournaments a few seminars and LOTS of rpgs. This means i won't have to lug my miniatures ALL the time through the halls instead i can carry around a small case and switch out the foam I am really excited that I can relatively "take it easy" this year by not jumping and making a marathon session of tournaments.

As the days pass by I will attempt to post a few thoughts before Gen Con and of course full reviews of everything that happens during my adventures! 


9am -1pm: RPG1453408 - Bridge Over Troubled Waters -Endless Terrors RPG, 2nd Edition

2pm-3pm: NMN1464466- Tales After the Cataclysm-Tales After Cataclysm, 1st Edition

4pm-5pm: SEM1465780 -Finding Your Identity as a Game Designer-

-(4pm-6pm: NMN1458629- The WitchBorn)

6pm-8pm: BGM1459968- Consequential- Tale of the Cataclysm 

8pm-10pm: RPG1460940- The Nuclear Summer Playtest- Apocalyptia , Beta 2.0 Edition


8am-12pm: Gears of War RPG-

12pm-1pm: SEM1465770-  A Career in Gaming-

2pm-6pm: RPG1465049- Power- Clockwork: Dominion, beta Edition

8pm-1am: NMN1456333- Dark Age Immortal- Dark Age, 2013 Edition


9am-6pm: NMN1453469- Bushido Tournament- Bushido, New Dawn Edition

6pm-8pm: RPG1460947- The Nuclear Summer Playtest- Apocalyptia , Beta 2.0 Edition


10-11am: SEM1465774 - Board Games: the Future

2pm: Rise of the Kage Demo

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