Friday, September 5, 2008

Making Cheap Regiment Bases for Warhammer Fantasy Battles

I have a game of fantasy coming up tomorrow when the thought occurred to me... I didn't have ANY regiment bases for my Dark Elves. So i used up all my funds from the hobby cache this month on some nifty Infinity models. The solution became clear i could just make my own! First the supplies!

I used a piece of a cardboard box, old sprues i had laying around (don't kid yourself you know you have tons of these!), a pen, a box cutter and of course some super glue.

I put 5 appropriate sized bases down on the cardboard and drew a line, I usually use squads of 10 so i only went two bases in length. Of course if you need to have more plesae feel free to add more bases for a more accurate read for your purposes.

Amazingly the sprue that i picked out at random was a perfect fit! I cut off all the excess bits from the sprue and put it against the outline. I then clipped the two pegs in the back depending on how much room i thought i might need.

Next i glued the sprue onto the card board and used my trusty box cutter to simply cut out the "outline" of the sprue. In just a few minutes i managed to crank out 4 of these! It should be noted that some sprues will not be an exact fit, in that case just cut them down or extend them appropriately. If you are planning to use this long term use some tape around the edges so that the cardboard does not frill up. You can prime these and add some flock for an added effect.

That my friends is how i made cheap and easy regiment bases, think of the $10 or so dollars you saved that you can now indulge in a miniature buying binge! That's all for now i just want to let people know that i am hoping to have an update weekly from here on out, at worst once every week and a half from here on out. I have all the pictures for a good number of updates and i hope to have this blog fully operational in a few. Watch out for updates as well as style changes in the future, till then keep those dice rolling and those glasses full.

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