Saturday, December 13, 2008

So last night I managed to get two games with the orcs (using proxies of course...) both games were against Mike's newly acquired High Elves i have only faced High Elves on a mighty two occasions... yes in the last two editions just two times..

My list: 2k pts
Black Orc Warboss w/ iron gnashes, amulet of protectyness, collar of zorga and heavy armor

Black Orc Big Boss w/ battle standard, akrit axe, nibbla's ring and heavy armor

Orc Shaman w/ lvl 2, dispel scroll and power stone
Orc Shaman w/ lvl 2, dispel scroll and power stone

Orc Boys x25 w/ shields and full command
Orc Boys x25 w/ shields and full command
Orc Boys x25 w/ shields and full command
Orc Boys x25 w/ shields and full command

Wolf Riders x5 w/ musician and bows
Wolf Riders x5 w/ musician and bows

Night Goblin Archers x21 w/ musician and fanatic
Night Goblin Archers x22 w/ musician and fanatic

Goblin Rock Lobber x2
Black Orcs x10 w/ musician and shields

Mike took something like...
Prince on Star Dragon w/ star lance and a 2+ re-roll armor save
Sorcerer w/ lvl 2 dispel scroll x2

Archers x10
Archers x10
Spear men x20

White Lions x20 w/ magical standard

Lion Chariot

Repeater Bolt Thrower x 3

-Gorks Warpath went off quite a few times it was so effective i guess Gork decided to stomp on some of my own units and panic them off the board. I have to admit it did do a lot of damage to hojs army taking out bolt throwers and eventually taking out his star dragon in the late game.

-Rock Lobber Crew in general but in particular when the rest of the crew (2 goblins left) took a charge from the High Elf Prince taking no damage scaring off the Prince and running him down.
Low Lights:
-Fanatics... they just kept ravaging my own units granted they did do some damage to the more expensive enemy units it's never a good thing when they go back towards the base camp...

-Dragon for generally harassing my units constantly washing them in his fiery breath!

-In hindsight I should of not made my night goblins archers instead i should of kept their shields for when they dropped their fanatic payload and go march into combat to hold something up...

In the second game i basically dropped or moved around a lot of the magic items on heros. I dropped the black orcs and fanatics in favor of a single troll and some squig hoppers. The second game was a much closer Mike switched out his star dragon for a second sorcerer, a fourth bolt thrower a battle standard bearer w/ d6 combat resolution banner and an extra unit of spear men.

This battle was a real meat grinder his white lions held out against more than double their number in orcs. Till eventually they broke, but they held on and caused many casualties in two of my units rendering them combat ineffective later in the game.

My magic phase didn't dominate in this game also despite Mike bolstering his magical prowess it didn't effect the game in a major way. So our magicians effectively nulled each other quite nicely.

I'm still sorely disappointed with my black orc characters sure they can hold morale but for having a reputation as the 'toughest around' i thought they would kill a few more guys! I still like their ability to quell animosity so they will stay in my roster for better or worse...

After the game I thought that i should drop the regular night goblin units from my list. Since I wasn't using them to house fanatics I figure I will use them for conversions. The Rock Lobbers as always are great the mental image of a huge boulder ruining a regiment's day is just too good to pass up!

I've been washing and clipping orc sprues for a couple of hours.. hopefully I can produce some pics to look at. till then stay classy!

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