Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Driven by magic..

Recently our group has been really into the game Malifaux. I had painted these a few weeks back but didn't get a chance to update the blog and thought while I was using the camera for commission work that I would also post these up.

These are Witchling Stalkers, former outlaw magic users that are tortured and their magical energy sapped from their bodies. They now work for the Guild (evil corporation types) hunting down magic users.. kind of ironic no? lol

Also in the works I am working on Sammael Hopkins, Sonnia Cridd and the Executioner, but since those are all character models i'm taking my time on them. I'm still torn on what will be my next purchase for Malifaux, it is between the Ortega Family or Lady Justice box sets. It will most likely be the Ortega Family in the long run as they have the most character.

I am waiting on getting a few extra dollars to spring for static grass to adorn the bases. Also because I haven't been transported in my regular carrying case they have some wear and tear on them that I have to fix. Otherwise i'm quite pleased on how they turned out and I can't wait to finish the characters.

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