Thursday, December 10, 2009

The State of the Waaagh

Orks have always been one of my favorite armies, ever since I started in the hobby back around 1998 I almost instantly took to orks. Any time I would attempt to start another army it wouldn't retain my interest and all those bits would just end up going to orks. Over the years I have collected bits and pieces of old ork history (both the books and miniatures) and I vowed that when orks received their new codex that I would make an army of a true veteran.

Year or so later after orks received their codex and I still have not progressed much but a handful of boys painted. So to get myself back on the painting (battle)wagon I will try and paint my orks in a timely manner. Who knows I may even go down to play with them sometime.

I will start off slow and come up with a rough 1,000 point list and add/adjust from there. Hopefully I will get to log all the adventures my orks have now all I have to do is come up with a witty name... But for now the rough list I was thinking up.

"Fingaz" - Big Mek with Kustom Force Field, Eavy Armor and Burna
- I have always been a fan of the Kustom Force Field giving my boys cover saves while avoiding all that difficult terrain. In the current edition it is also really good when paired with vehicles. The burna gives Fingaz a power weapon in close combat as well as a flame template to handle with a number of situations/enemies.

"Grubb Da Loon" Wyrdboy with Warphead upgrade
-Most people think that the Wyrdboy is too unpredictable and would rather a nice Warboss or an additional Big Mek. Well I had so many Wyrdboys I decided to paint one up and he made his way into my army.

"Thrugg's Shooty Gits" Shoota Boys x25 with big shoota x2, Nob with big choppa and bosspole.
- a nice mob of boys, you figure with that many shots the enemy is bound to stumble into a wall of lead.

"Gutstab's Killas" Slugga Boys x25 with rokkit x2, Nob with powerklaw and bosspole.
-my main attack block nothing like a handful of boys making through enemy fire and still getting an astounding number of attack dice!

Grots x20 Runtherd x2
-I don't care what people think of Grots, i have always used them to great effect. People have such a great hatred for these little bleeders and they always do something great.. maybe it's because I expect to little from them. Regardless now with BS of 3 they have a better chance at distracting my opponent and taking the heat away from my ork mobs.

Lootas x10
-a decent sized mob of lootas, hopefully they will lay waste to anything they point their guns at..

Looted Wagon with boom gun, grot riggers and big shoota

Looted Wagon with boom gun, grot riggers and big shoota
-I also added two boom gun toting Wagons, more to soak up points than anything else, two large blasts will also help the cause.

I believe I have about 60-70 points left which I am considering adding a pair of wartrakks into the mix to harass small enemy units. Well I better get going work calls, hopefully in the coming posts I can post small pieces of fluff as well as pictures. Till then!

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