Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Having just returned from Gen Con Indy I bring a wealth of updates that I will post up, I see in my stead that Cash has been taking care of the site quite well. I will start things off by introducing my Pulp City Villain Team that I had used for the tournament at Gen Con along with some tactical thoughts.

Name: Boreas
Origin: Mystery
Affiliation: The Forgotten
Occupation: Villain

Boreas is one of the minor gods that controls the wind, in fact if you have ever seen a map with an incarnation of a cloud blowing wind on a sailboat you have actually seen Boreas! As with all "Forgotten" they are all minor gods/entities that fell into obscurity and now they have come to Pulp City in order to make the population remember them.

Special Abilities:
Air- This is more of a subtype, against "Earth" supremes Boreas will both deal and take more damage.

Blend 1 - If Boreas is near a piece of scenery he gains +1 to his agility making him harder to hit with projectile attacks.

Flight 5- With the new flight rules whoever has a higher flight value compared to their opponent gains +1 to agility, strength and defense traits.

Immovable - Boreas will not suffer from knocked down condition

Immune/Whirlwind & Shot Down - Most supremes with flight have to worry if they fail their opposed roll while in flight they take extra damage when they fall. This ability means Boreas never has to worry about being "shot down".

Exclusive Actions:
-Echoes- A situational power that lets you move non-exclusive minions and citizens 4 inches, good if you want to cut down some of the enemies minions or get after some citizens that are running away for some agenda points.

-Gale- Gives Boreas to the "throw trump action" despite not having Strength as his trump trait, alternatively it can be used to attack an enemy supreme and if you cause damage you can move the supreme 4 inches in any direction they will take additional damage if they hit into a piece of scenery.

-Blood Wind- A power hated by many an opponent, it is a blast 3 radius any supremes taking damage cannot activate this round. Needless to say if you start the round with Blood Wind doing successful damage against an enemy their model sits there for a turn. It should be noted that only the target of the attack suffers a full opposed roll. Others caught in the blast only suffer attacks at 1/2 of Boreas' attack.

-Whirlwind- A good power to screen your beaters, any attacks directed to models within the aura are at -2 to their opposed rolls. Minions and citizens cannot move into or within the aura and the aura is treated as difficult terrain for everyone else.

Team Power: Host
Boreas has to inhabit a body which means he can always be attacked in close combat regardless of how many flight counters he has on him. If he has at least one flight counter he can freely leave close combat without penalty. He is also vulnerable to the Exorcism ability.

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