Thursday, September 2, 2010

Xenobi, Miniature Kingpin

Name: Xenobi
Origin: Nature
Affiliation: None
Occupation: Villain

Xenobi is one of the many genetic creations that Mysterious Man has spawned to do his bidding. Part runt part side kick Xenobi tries to emulate his maker to varying degrees of success.

Special Abilities:

Molecular Manipulation (1): This special ability allows Xenobi during his activation to move 1 point of strength to his agility or vice versa until the end of the round. Quite useful when Xenobi already has an agility score of 6! Though his strength is only 3 it is his trump trait and along with molecular manipulation it becomes a respectable 4.

Exclusive Actions:

Punching Bag: If a friendly model takes damage and is within 2" a player may move the damage to Xenobi

Taunting: Xenobi chooses an opposing model that cannot move farther away than it initially was from Xenobi. In addition if that model tries to shoot at a model that isn't Xenobi it suffers a -1 penalty. This gives Xenobi a very limited movement manipulation ability that is good to have in a pinch.

Instant Mutation: One of Xenobi's signature abilities it allows him to add 1-6 points of strength to his roll when attacking. It comes at a price though, if you roll equal to or lower to the dice roll Xenobi takes that many points of damage at the end of the activation. This ability makes Xenobi one hell of a beat stick even if he might not survive the return attack from one very angry supreme.

Ka-Boom: This action gives Xenobi a ranged attacked with a small difference, in addition to possibly injuring an enemy supreme. Xenobi is also launched back d6 inches (the number he rolled for the opposed roll) directly back. Which helps him get away from anything too dangerous or make the enemy chase after him.

Team Power:
Little Kingpin- Once per game Xenobi can execute a friendly minion to better motivate it's associates. All minions with line of sight to the executed model receive a +1 to all opposed rolls until the end of the turn. Though I haven't really used this power all that often synergies of Xenobi, Gentleman and Tangent's "Analyze" power come to mind if you run quite a few minions +3 to the roll is nothing to scoff at.

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