Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tale of 40k Gamers Month: 1

So after years of my Rogue Trader/2nd ed Orks gathering dust in their bins I decided to join Warseer's "Tale of 40k Gamers". The rules are simple pledge any amount of points for an army you intend to start/finish over the course of a year. Every month you post 10% of your pledged total on Warseer with pictures showing your progress and completed models. You are allowed two "jokers" which are two excuses for not posting any work.

I have always admired the threads on Warseer and I thought what better motivation to get my Orks done then this? So my initial pledge is 1500pts I don't have any real plans to make a functional list as such. My army "theme" for lack of a better word is to paint up all the units as if they were different clans. Go with a very 2nd ed feel with the army certain clans belong to certain units and what not.

For my first 150 points I have painted the following:

Snakebite Kommandos x6 with Nob upgrade armed with 'Uge Choppa and Bosspole

Bad Moon Nob armed with Powerfist and Eavy Armor
Bad Moon 'Ard Boys x2

It took me awhile to get used to painting on white primer it is something I have never really given concentrated effort on. I am pleased on how the colors came out I can definitely change a few of my techniques but I am otherwise satisfied on how they came out. Not to sure what I am going to do for the next 150+pts but with an upcoming Malifaux Tournament and plenty of models to get done I will most likely start on some sort of character.

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