Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Behind enemy lines.. Space Wolf Scouts

After I clipped all the things needed for my Space Wolf force it took me a couple of days to try and conceive of an army.. Like I have said before I am not the greatest tactician in the group although I will claim myself to be one of the luckiest!

So instead of just sitting down being idle reading the codex and coming up with a coherent strategy I decided to simply build units based on whats available. Then when it comes time for battle pick and choose which units would fit best points wise and go.

The first unit to be done are the Wolf Scouts, I picked six wolf scouts because I converted up five that came in the battle force and by chance I happened to find a sixth metal scout! The box sets I used for the conversions are the Warhammer Fantasy Marauders, Space Marine Scouts and Space Wolves box, add in some green stuff and done!

Armed with two plasma pistols and a melta gun the scouts can (hopefully) come behind the enemy board edge and destroy any artillery/stationary units. Well at least that is the plan.. all else fails they are only 130 points of my army list, lets hope they don't get themselves killed! With the new Space Wolves FAQ released by Games Workshop I can also give the unit some added stopping power by attaching a cheap-ish Wolf Guard to lead the pack.

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