Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Warp Storm Breaks..

From the one of the decks of the ship The Might of Russ a lone Wolf Priest looked on at the planet as shuttles carrying supplies ferried back and forth. Their work had been done here they had been sent to clear the planet of any threats and pave way for Imperial subjects to settle on this and many other countless planets. But this planet seemed to be one of the most Pyrrhic victories of all, in the final assault against the planet's defenses the chapter's wolf lord fell in battle along with his most trusted wolf guard. It had been a grievous blow top the chapter, but it had enabled them to win the war and bring the Emperor's light to this world..

The hiss of the automatic door broke the priest's attention for a second as a thrall strode into the room carrying a data slate. "Pardon to disturb you mi lord, but news from Terra has arrived..." the thrall droned "it seems as if the warp storm over Din Kaldir has subsided, all communications with the planet have resulted in nothing..". Before the thrall could talk the priest lifted a hand never taking his eyes off the planet below "When do we depart?" the thrall scrambled through his data slate "As soon as possible mi lord, we are part of the crusade to re-take the planet from any enemies of the Imperium. Various chapters and regiments will join the push to liberate this planet and find out what happened to the former residents...".

The wolf priest waved away the thrall and heard the hiss of the door as he left, the ship seemed to be moving away slowly away from the planet. No doubt the ship was making way towards a safe distance before it opened a navigation course through the warp. "At what cost is the name Din Kaldir" the Wolf Priest mused to himself as the ship engaged it's jump through the warp and everything went dark.

Well this is my mini-introduction for my Space Wolves for a store campaign I will be taking part of beginning next week. It will boast over twenty players and has an equal mix of both Imperium vs Xenos factions. I am quite happy how fast I assembled the Space Wolves though I still have a few touch ups to work on. I am also working on magnetizing my rhinos to make them razorbacks or predators if I feel the need to field any.

Looking over the rules for the campaign they are pretty straight forward, there are some grey areas that needed to be ironed out or fixed before the official start. But other than that should be a good excuse to get a few games in with a force that is very different to what I usually field.

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