Monday, May 17, 2010

'Ard Boyz 2010 qualifiers: Game 2

My second game was victory points and table quarters with spearhead deployment, good to see VP again in the game I have always preferred it to KP any day! My opponent was Cash one of our own crew regrettably he built a list using models he had at hand rather than what he wanted. This is what he brought to the table:

Chaplain w/ terminator armor and melta bombs (with death company)
Librarian w/ terminator armor (with terminators)

Assault Terminators x6 w/ lightning claws x4 thunder hammer/storm shields x2

Death company x21 w/ thunder hammer x2
Tactical Squad x10 w/ power fist and melta gun
Tactical Squad x10 w/ power first and melta gun
Tactical Squad x10 w/ plasma pistol, plasma gun and missile launcher
Tactical Squad x10 w/ plasma pistol, plasma gun and missile launcher
Assault Squad x10 w/ power weapon, melta gun x2, no jump packs

Dreadnought w/ tl lascannons and missile launcher
Dreadnought w/ tl lascannons and missile launcher
Predator Annihilator w/ tl lascannons and sponson lascannons

Terrain was a shelled out city with clear LOS through the center with a few pieces of scattered cover. A few buildings skirted the edges of the board blocking LOS for anything close enough to them.

Cash deployed his terminators and death company towards the center while all his infantry and dreadnoughts took solace in the cover of buildings. On my corner I just deployed my infantry in wide straight lines and set up a gun line waiting for the blood angels to come and get me. Had my long fangs on flanks to get some enfilade fire out behind lines of marines with my blood claws on a flank behind a building ready to advance on the side and pounce on isolated units.

The game went by pretty fast the death company spent the game eating missiles and random fire while approaching my line. Every time I felt the terminators were too close I would fall back and have other squads provide covering fire. Cash knew from the beginning that he would be outclassed but tried to see how much damage he could cause. But when all was said and done I earned a massacre result with two bonus points for holding two table quarters and contesting his quarter.

Post Game Thoughts:
There isn't much I would change as part of my battle plan seeing as I one so handily. thought I didn't report it a round of shooting made my long fangs almost fall off the table. Thankfully they had just enough room to regroup and keep on firing. But if I were to change anything it would be to be more aggressive on my right flank and chase the rest of the tactical marines out of the building to claim even more quarters.

Assault Terminators 3/6?
Tactical Marines about 6-8? split into two squads I believe.

My whole army minus two wolf scout units, a grey hunter unit and an odd man or so in a few grey hunter squads.

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