Wednesday, May 19, 2010

'Ard Boyz 2010 qualifiers: Game 3

For the final game we had to play an Annihilation Scenario with modified KP mission that gave extra KP if a certain unit can move more than 6" in a given phase. I had to again face one of my team members (it is inevitable...) but Hoj had a much stronger list though the modified KP meant it was going to be an uphill struggle for him. He had:

Demon Prince w/ wings, mark of slannesh and lash of submission
Demon Prince w/ wings, mark of slannesh and lash of submission
Generic Greater Demon

Khorne Berzerkers x10 in land raider
Plague Marines 5x7? w/ melta guns
Obliterators 2x3

Chosen x5 w/ melta gun x4
Chosen x5 w/ plasma gun x4

I'm not quite sure what else may have been in the army but I did fear all those plasma cannon shots going my way from those obliterators. Even with a piece of LOS blocking terrain in the dead center eventually one of us would have to peek around to get anywhere or get ambushed.

The game turned into a real shoot em up game, though Hoj was pretty tired at this point and made a few errors. Like not finishing off squads when they were down to one or two members. Me retreating them and hiding them behind LOS blocking terrain also helped.

At this point of the evening Hoj was pretty tired and was convinced that he would be out if the running so played a bit sloppy and demoralized. So anytime one of my units was in danger of being wiped out I would run them away so that he couldn't get any KP for them. Though the game lasted until the very last turn mainly due to me not having very far range weaponry and firing dozens of missiles at his obliterators hoping they fail their 2+ save. Eventually it worked and I tabled Hoj and moved enough of my units to get all the bonus points.

Post game:
After the game I wandered about to see the main table that pitted my friend Jon versus a friendly player using Leafblower guard. Unfortunately for the guard player he was playing a scenario that was heavily weighed against him, though at a glance it seemed regardless of scenario he would of had a really rough time winning against Jon killa kan wall with horde of orks...

When it came down for placement I was surprised to learn that I was actually vaulted into 2nd place thanks to Jon beating his opponent handily. My strategy for the the tournament seemed to work better than intended, I was shooting for third but got second! The way I figured it as long as you you don't massacre your opponent first round you will not be paired against the "hardest" lists of the tournament. Sure this is all based purely on luck some might say but in this case it completely worked! lets hope that luck keeps up as I cruise into the semi-finals!

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