Thursday, April 17, 2008

Adepticon: Team Tournament

Adepticon: Team Tournament

We reported for registration at 7am with 30mins of sleep in me I was working at less than optimal to say the least. Though we weren’t one of the most glamorous teams at the tournament we were still proud to represent our group… Team Megan’s Law. Yes the name was a bit unconventional but our opponents got a good laugh out of it… well those with a good/loose sense of humor.

Game 1: Ray K (orks) VS Howling Griffons

In this game drop pods full of Howling Griffons came down on my flank and virtually annihilated my army through ‘Fear of Darkness’ and mass fire. Unfortunately eldar are not very resilient when attacked with about 1500pts of the enemy. Luck was on our side as despite me having less than a handful of miniatures on the board Ray’s orks started carving a bloody swathe through the enemy! At the end of the game we managed to tie for the main objective though the enemy had gained extra points via other objectives.

MVP: None
LVP: just about all of my units.

Game 2: Jon Woe (orks) VS Orks

It was during this game that I really started to notice the predominance of ork players in the tournament scene. Luckily for us at least the army was a real ork army (lots of conversions and people who used orks before they became popular), despite this our team was outclassed at every turn. It was only during the later turns when our team was being mopped up that we even caused any lasting casualties but by that point there was no salvaging the game.

MVP: D Cannons
LVP: Swooping Hawks

Game 3: Mikey H (eldar) VS Marines (Lysander included)

Coming into this game I believed it would be hard fought but would ultimately end in our favor. I guess sleep depravation really does make you think up of crack pot schemes.. We set up in a corner that we had believed would give nice firing routes (Mike had lots of rangers and dark reapers). But only after we started the game did we notice that the terrain essentially blocked all line of sight to the enemy.

This in turn let the marines sneak around terrain and launch their assault which we were virtually helpless against. Despite this we put up quite a fight between d cannons and ranger fire we effectively pinned Lysander for two full turns when he was a mere move away from rangers. In the end we predictably lost but had loads of fun on this game as it was a constant struggle to take out Lysander (who was down to 1 wound) and make a last stand against a tide of marines.

MVP: D Cannons
LVP: Dire Avengers

Game 4: Ray K vs. Grey Knights/Marines

At this point it was about 8pm or so and both me and my team mate were exhausted but barely hanging on. Looking at the array of heavy weapons of marines we thought it would be a very hard and long trudge towards the marine lines. Unfortunately for our opponents it seemed like all the luck was on our side of the table.

Ray would not fail to make an obscured roll thanks to the kustom force field on his mighty 6 kans. Despite two devastator squads, a predator AND a dreadnought pouring fire into them, to make matters worse they couldn’t seem to roll that 6 to destroy them. Everything seemed to go right this game and our opponents were sporting about it. It was a good game and a morale booster for both me and ray which stayed up painting all night just for the tournament.

At the end of the game (we called it on turn 5 I believe) there was a grey knight and 4 storm troopers left against the majority of both me and ray’s army.

MVP: Tie between D cannons and Warp Spiders
LVP: Because I need to put something here Swooping Hawks, they didn’t even do that bad but the rest of the army went above and beyond.

By the end of the day despite being exhausted we enjoyed ourselves and vowed to come back next year with a more cohesive theme and better painted armies. Though some tournaments tend to sour people to the experience I have always found my opponents quite pleasant and easy going. I enjoy seeing new armies, paint schemes and concepts. It also gives me a great excuse to travel to new places and meet new people. After all the hobby does include a social aspect to it. At the end of the long day I sat down and enjoyed myself a triple vodka tonic and reflected on a day well spent.


Boss Salvage said...

Hey Cerealkiller!

Good to hear Adepticon was a bash for you as well, nice job slogging through those games with 0 sleep. Did you all drive over from Jersey? Damn ... I ended up not going cause of the drive from Eastern PA, a good 1-2 hours closer than you I'd bet :P

Take you brought Eldar, any chance at seeing your list / pics of the army?

- Salvage

Cerealkiller.. said...

Hey we actually took American Airlines out (the only flight to leave Thursday apparently)so we were lucky.

The Eldar were a rush job but i will definitely put up an 'army profile' either today or tomorrow along with the list. Thanks for commenting