Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Twlight Wind - Eldar Army Profile


Autarch (70) w/ bike (30) laser lance (20) fusion gun (10)

Good for a quick punch or taking out some vehicles well at least thats what the Autarch is supposed to do. It seemed like the Autarch was scared to do anything in the battles I used him in. In retrospect I should have chosen to use an Avatar for the team tourney but ah well you learn your lessons the hard way I suppose.


Dire Avengers x 9 (108)
W/ Exarch (12) blade storm (15) Twin Catapults (5)

Three squads of Dire Avengers make up the troop selections of this army, mobile enough due to fleet of foot to get close the enemy and unleash blade storm! This works even against power armored foes as a unit of blade storming avengers can dish out 29 shots! Sure they might be out of ammo next turn but thats why you charge headlong into survivors. With a 4+ save and a mass of attacks they sure will put up a fight against most things! Tanks on the other hand they can barely make a scratch unless they are really lucky...


Warpspiders x5 (110)
W/ Exarch (12) twin death spinners (5) surprise assault (10)

Surprisingly effective despite only being able to glance vehicles the amount of damage rolls they can force eventually destroys their target. All else fails just warp back behind some terrain out of LOS to try again!

Swooping Hawks x6 (126)
W/ Exarch (12) sky leap (15) Sun Rifle (15) Intercept (5)

I had high hopes for these models being one of my favorites but I can't quite seem to make them work properly. During the tournament they seemed to repeatedly fail leadership/morale tests and would be gunned down with relative ease. Despite this I will continue to game with them till I find the proper application of their force.


D Cannons x3 (150)

These weapons are quite nasty given they can hurt both infantry and vehicles with relative ease. Many an opponent has learned to fear these weapon batteries as they bombard their units while hiding behind a nice hill.

First of all excuse the paint jobs as they were rushed to get everything done for the Adepticon Team Tourney. I will be going back and adding small details to the army (updating the pictures of course), like actually having an army insignia. Despite that i'm pretty happy the way the color scheme turned out.

If I had to make any changes it would be replacing the Autarch with an Avatar, mainly because it would have been harder to kill (along with making most of the army fearless). Other than that everything but the swooping hawks did a good job at one point or another.

To further expand the army I would like to include some Striking Scorpions to the list I have always liked the models...

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