Saturday, April 19, 2008

German Geneticists!

He shuffled nervously looking over his rifle to make sure that everything was up to standard. But he couldn’t shake the feeling he had over this place, he was recently moved into this camp site. The land was not like the rest of Germany the land was polluted and dirty and in the few hours he had waited for orders he developed a hacking cough. The few soldiers that he saw passing by paid him no mind and went about their business, it was hard to tell if they were human or not they wore gasmasks and covered their hands with gloves.

Looking at the other Volkstrum in his group they looked equally distraught about their new location. All that the trooper knew was that this camp site was not located on any of the maps and that it was controlled by an officer named Albrecht Eckhardt. A man who was said to have no emotions and cared only about the results using any means necessary.

After much waiting Eckhardt had appeared flanked by two Wermacht, most of his body was covered in a large over coat. A gasmask dominated his face with a metal plate cover the back of his head. What skin did show was a sickly color but the officer was anything but frail. He had an air of authority that scared the trooper, even though Eckhardt’s eyes were obscured the trooper felt as if his piercing gaze was upon them at all times.

One of the Volkstrum was unfortunate enough to cough and without hesitation Eckhardt drew his pistol and shot at the man’s throat. His eyes shot a wild look as the fell to the ground clutching his throat as Eckhardt and his guards looked on impassively. In the matter of seconds these abominations surrounded the surviving Volkstrum, before any could reach for their rifles they were cut down by the wicked arm blades of the monsters.

Eckhardt watched as the abominations dismembered the last of the pitiful Volkstrum. He looked over the scene of carnage before turning his back “these will make excellent materials…”.

Here is the start of my German Geneticists starter force for AE WWII by Darkson Designs. Being an ork player at heart I couldn't just leave the models as they were, I used some alternate heads from Pig Iron miniatures which I had picked up at Adepticon last weekend. I also changed some of the arms around to give the force a varied look. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will be able to work on the miniatures themselves. No promises though as the weather is quite nice out and there is drinking to be had!

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