Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Road to Power Gencon Tournament! Game 1

Hello everyone I am just about recovered from my Gen Con Indy trip so I will be logging my experiences from the best of my memory. There was a whole day where I thought I had lost my camera (that's what drinking and being out till 6am will do to you) but other than that I have a few pictures of every game.

I can't quite remember everyone's name so if anyone can remember contact me and I will give proper credit. Would like to take the chance to thank everyone that I met for being great. I know that I saw a ton of forum members and people that read my blog, it means a lot to me! so thanks everyone!

Onto the first game it was "Plant the Evidence" against Arcanist he took:
Rasputina w/ 8 soul stones
Essence of Power
Coryphee x2
Silent One
His Schemes: Sabotage and can't remember the second

I ran my usual Lucius list:
Lucius w/ 4 soul stones
Governor's Proxy
Guild Guard Captain
Guild Guard x2
Guild Austringer x2

My schemes Stake a Claim and Raid I believe.

Going into the game I knew that my mobility will be helpful but his crew was also extremely mobile and hit very hard when it got where it needed to be. I had a good grasp on what Rasputina could do so as always it came down to my austringers to force him onto my terms.

First couple of turns Cassandra ran all over the table and tagged the left most building in my deployment for "Sabotage". I learned just how nasty Coryphee/Duet were when they carved up Ryle like he was not even there. Rasputina sent a few blasts around the corner using her totem as an ice mirror before it zipped back via link. I quickly learned to avoid the little corner peering trick but it did limit my options.

My Austringers yet again were king in this game, one hid in the top floor of the right building sending his raptor to do evil things. In one occasion I even took out Cassandra in one shot! As I cheated to a ram to trigger my critical strike, flipped red joker + severe = 9 damage in one hit to Cassandra. Needless to say her days as a show girl were no more after that!

Mid way through the game Rasputina kept creating ice walls to block me from my objective. But clever use of Lucius' "reinforcements" spell meant I just placed my models over the wall and looked through any gaps to "issue command". But it was too little to late and the game ended with my opponent being a point or two ahead of me.

Things that I learned:
Coryphees- ouch! Very resilient against shooting i'm starting to think I will include some in my Ramos crew when i start him up. Mobility plus all the tricks they bring can help out Ramos in my missions.
Cassandra- Very fast and she WOULD of survived the austringer (or maybe not get hit at all) but she used her other action to finish off Ryle. Her teleport like abilities with showgirls means she can come in "fresh" and do all sorts of nastiness to your crew.
Lucius- I don't believe I used ANY soul stones in this game or at the very least JUST one in order to have my totem successfully cast issue command. Since he never was in any immediate danger and all the initiative flips that I lost were all due to very high cards i'm not quite sure what I would of done differently.

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