Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road to Power Gencon Tournament! Game 3

Rolling into my third game the mission was Shared Supply Wagon, due to our table we asked the TO what would the Supply Wagon do. He said it would go around terrain and squeeze through the two very narrow doors to reach the center of the table. Looking at the set up of the table I knew I just had to take my Lucius list. With some much line of sight blocking terrain the Austringers would carry the day for me (even more so than usual).

I took my Lucius list that I took in the first match while my opponent took Neverborn.. Pandora to be exact:

Pandora -- 5 Cache
Primordial Magic [2ss]
Candy [8ss]
Coppelius [9ss]
Insidious Madness [4ss]
Sorrow [3ss]
Sorrow [3ss]
Sorrow [3ss]
Sorrow [3ss]

His schemes were: Kill Protege (Ryle) and Grudge (Guild Guard Captain)
my schemes: Hold Out and Raid?

Following the scheme that has been going on all tournament my hands were largely garbage except for a card. On the other hand because my hand was full of low cards my deck was chock full of great cards. Starting the match I knew of the nasty things that Pandora was fully capable of so taking a cue from all the anti-tactica on Pandora I started picking off her totems/sorrows first.

I caught an insanely great break when I moved Ryle to pull a flanking move. With my shooting expert I managed to tag Coppelius, cheating to a lower ram just to get my trigger off. It was tie so as I flipped the cards a red joker came up... needless to say it was a string of severe/moderate flips that finished Coppelius in one hit! Of course soon there after Candy, Pandora and a few Sorrows decided to play with Ryle and his two Guardsmen buddies... They didn't last very long under their less than tender caresses.

Towards turn 4 I remembered that I could attack the wagon, I proceeded to move up my Guild Guard Captain and attack it with multiple Issue Commands and his regular AP. By this point my opponent only had Candy and Pandora alive. While I still had both Austringers, Captain, Lucius and my totem. I soon took care of the Candy problem when Pandora decided to walk into the room and started doing damage to everyone via failed WP checks with the self mutilate spell.

Lucius went to have a friendly chat with Candy and put her to bed for good, used casting expert to run my Guard Captain away from Pandora. With that turn 6 rolled around and there was no way for Pandora to kill my Captain who was running as fast as his pudgy legs could take him. I believe maybe one of the Austringers died by this point, after I reminded my opponent that he could not hurt my wagon at all with just Pandora.

Match ended with an 8-2 victory for Lucius and his Austringers... uh I mean Guild!

Post Game Thoughts:
-Ryle it was more luck than anything else, getting the red joker for damage when I already triggered "fully automatic". That alone would of killed him but for that turn I used just about every severe on Coppelius... you know "just to be sure".
-Austringers + LOS block buildings = win. There was no real "tactic" here per se, I just moved my Austringers into the best position and pecked at his guys till they went away.
-Lucius for once actually got his gloves dirty and killed Candy with a red joker I believe. Yes it is a special moment seeing as Lucius usually doesn't attack things directly.
-My cards did great, like I said before the theme for this tournament was drawing MAYBE two cards of 10+ while the rest of my hand was garbage. Luckily for me all the right cards came out when I needed them to.
-Pandora + crew. I can see how Pandora is very nasty, the only real damage I sustained came from these two models and yes I feared them VERY much.

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