Sunday, August 14, 2011

Road to Power Gencon Tournament! Game 4

The fourth and final game of the tournament was in sight as I drew Yamizero from the Wyrd Boards. Really nice guy so I ask him if he would rather fight Sonnia or Lucius as I only had two masters on me. He said "whichever is fine" to which I responded "it's late and I don't feel like thinking I will play Lucius".

The mission was shared Contain Power

His list:
Lady Justice -- 8 Cache
Scales of Justice [2ss]
Lucius [10ss]
Death Marshal [4ss]
Death Marshal [4ss]
Death Marshal [4ss]
Judge [7ss]

his schemes were: bodyguard? and eye for an eye
I took: eye for an eye and something else I couldn't remember from the top of my head

Going into the game I know that Lady Justice is ALL types of beat stick and the Judge can also tear everything in my crew except for the Captain if he manages to get off "blades and bullets" on anyone.

There was a general advance on both sides I moved up an Austringer and tried to see the range between us with a "fake strike". See that I need an additional move which I believe either Governors Proxy or Lucius issue commands the Austringer to get closer so that his issue command strikes WOULD be in range. I believe I either softened up Judge or a random Death Marshal on my right flank.

Second turn I found perfect ranging for my Austringers between general AP/issue command I got lucky against the judge (I believe I got a red joker + severe/moderate) along with weakening a right most left Death Marshal. On the left Ryle was in charge of taking care of two Death Marshals.

Lady Justice makes the assassination run on Lucius even with my "highest authority" ability Lady Justice was consistently hitting Lucius due to his "sword style" and a few stones. I knew that attempting to dodge the attacks using soul stones would be a wash so I gambled that I could "slow to die/heal" Lucius. The gambling part came in because my deck was relatively thin and I still hadn't drawn the black joker. Luckily for me it worked out and Lucius survived the onslaught.

Forgot the order of things but I remember having the Guild Guard Captain hitting Lady Justice a few times bringing her to low life before Lucius took care of her himself when she ran out of stones. Ryle pulped one of the Death Marshals in hand to hand (red joker damage here) and shot the other one to death.

At this point around turn 5-6? he only had Lucius left who was holding up an Austringer and Guild Guard. I sent over Lucius to personally fight the imposter Lucius. Which was actually very hard to do seeing as "highest authority" kept most of my attacks missed and I was out of stones. But eventually the true Lucius prevailed it was at this point I noticed I had most of my crew.

Before I started slaughtering my crew Yami and I did some quick math and figured that all of my models could just slaughter each other to get "eye for an eye" so we shaved a few mins and said "I accomplished it". So in the end the the game scored 8-2 win for me, Yami getting points for ALSO taking eye for an eye.

All in all I think I did pretty well in this tournament, if it wasn't domination I probably would of scored "higher" due to getting a total of 26 or so scheme points with 2 wins 1 tie and 1 loss. I'd like to thank all my opponents for keeping things fast (finished all 6 turns in all but 1 game) and being very friendly. Met a lot of the people from the Wyrd boards so all in all a great experience. My only "complaint" was I had wished there were "terrain/table features" I feel it adds that little extra to every game.

With the tournament done I picked up Perdita and her totem just to see what they would play like. I have also realized that I would really like to start Ramos as I always thought he was a cool master but never had the chance to play with him. Guild will always be my "tournament" faction seeing as I have the most models for them but I also wanted a fun master to play with.

More pictures of randomness later this week, till then folks!

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